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The traditional way of consuming entertainment has significantly changed in the past few decades. Unlike traditional TV, today’s consumers are more in control of the content they consume, when they consume and how they consume their favorite programs. As TV is slowly losing its hold in the market, more and more viewers are switching to video on demand to watch TV programs and movies.

With many streaming services launching in the market, the number of VOD consumers is increasing every day with VOD becoming a part of the daily life of many people. If watching entertainment traditionally means sitting in front of the screen waiting for a favorite show to telecast at a set time, VOD changes the whole concept. So how does video on demand work? VOD allows viewers to stream videos from a traditional TV package or subscription services, creating massive opportunities for viewers to consume their choice of content.

The rising popularity of VOD and its future

A VOD service, especially subscription video on demand (SVOD) is becoming popular globally, especially in the American market with the majority of homes having at least one subscription service. Among them, some viewers still use satellite TV services but might choose to cut the cord in the future. The reasons contributing to this behavior are the affordability of SVOD services compared to traditional cable networks and the video on demand nature of these services.

Instead of spending a fortune on services that don’t offer the flexibility to watch their favorite shows at their convenience, people prefer to subscribe to VOD service that allows them to consume entertainment at their convenience for affordable packages. The highly dynamic VOD industry is characterized by disruptive VOD service, new offerings, and majorly, rapidly changing consumer requirements.

However, even with the increasing trend of cord-cutting, experts predict that traditional TV and VOD content offering will coexist peacefully. While VOD will become mainstream among all types of viewers, traditional TV will still remain significant, especially with live content like sports and other major events preserving its importance.

The latest and upcoming trends in VOD

VOD is one of the new entries in the fragmentation of digital content that quickly gained momentum and is expected to witness a rapid rise in popularity in the coming years as well. The rapidly changing pace is not going to fade anytime in the future. Due to the overcrowding of VOD services in the market due to the release of many new services, from both big industry players and small entrepreneurs, it is a real task to gain the interest of viewers. The only way for VOD services to win the hearts of their audience is to stay flexible, agile, and stay ahead of their competitors.

To successfully dominate through the crowded media landscape, VOD services have to adapt and keep up with the latest trends evolving in the industry. Here are some of the latest VOD trends that are creating a significant impact in the industry and will continue to do so in the future as well.

Content is the king

You might have heard this over again and again, but hear it again- best quality content will always lead the market no matter the VOD platform or device on which you consume it. The demand was quality content has always been there with the evolution of VOD space.

High-quality content has gained importance more than even because viewers are looking for 100% value for the money they spend on VOD service and are not ready to settle for anything of less quality. Quantity also matters as views would like to have access to a wide variety of shows and movies. However, it shouldn’t compromise the quality. The importance of VOD content is increasing rapidly and that makes our next point-demand for originals

Demand for originals

If you want to name some of the popular VOD services, the list can just go on, as it is endless. While there is Disney plus, Amazon Prime, HBO Now, Hulu, and a lot of other VOD platforms, Netflix still dominates the space. Do you know why it is so? The primary reason is because of its originals. It is when the initial success of Netflix hit a plateau, the streaming giant came up with its first popular original show the house of cards. However, the first actual Netflix original that was streamed on Netflix was Lilyhammer, it is not considered as a full Netflix original as the show was partly funded by Netflix and first premier under TV network NRK 1.

One of the long term success strategies of Netflix was to deliver its own original shows which in the long term proved to be cheapest when compared to the expensive contracts from TV and movie partners. Following the path of success, many streaming services are considering developing their own original shows to secure their hold in the VOD industry.

Hybrid monetization model

While subscription on demand is the most popular business model followed by most VOD players. The hybrid monetization model is the new emerging trend. Most VOD players adopt this type of monetization model which is basically a combination of advertisement, subscription, and transaction business model (basic VOD revenue model). If you are using a streaming solution like Netflix clone, you can choose the monetization model according to your needs. It can be an ad-based revenue model combined with a subscription or even a pay-per view model. YouTube is one popular example of a hybrid VOD service that offers both pay per view and premium content to consumers while basically working as an advertisement based VOD service.

Ads will become targeted

With the changing media landscapes influenced by video on demand, video advertisements are becoming more targeted and effective. Both video and TV advertising are adapting to a new format and increasingly focusing on personalized advertisements that target specific user groups. While TV advertising used to target audiences randomly as it was delivered to all types of users who might be interested and uninterested in these ads.

However, with video advertising, it is easier to target a specific user group based on their interests and a wide variety of other factors that makes the targeting effective and impactful. This will improve customer experience and deliver value to your viewers. However, the extent of targeted video advertising is still reliable on the willingness of viewers to share their data.

Mobile is the primary content consumption channel

While TV was the only channel of media consumption earlier, it gave way to mobile as the most preferred content consumption channel for video delivery and consumption. Broadband services are also fueling this growth and they are collaborating with streaming services which is further powering the tremendous growth of VOD. In this digital age, VOD services are adopting mobile-first strategy as the high traffic share is coming from mobile devices.

How to improve your VOD business using these latest trends?

Considering the rapid growth of VOD services, it is sure to become a multi-dollar industry holding a major position in the digital space. If you are a new business trying to establish your presence in the industry, adapt the above-discussed trends to set the foundation of your VOD business. Leverage these trends by following examples of VOD players who are already using these strategies to grow their business. If you are thinking about how to create a video on demand website, it is really important to keep in tune with these latest VOD trends to become a service that’s worth billions of dollars.


With more VOD businesses making entry into the industry, the VOD space will only get hotter in the future. Most importantly, VOD players must try to provide a deeper engagement with the content experience in a way viewers are willing to pay for your streaming services. VOD brands also need to plan and execute smart digital strategies that adapt their customer experiences and supply chains to address these trends. Stay tuned with the upcoming trends that would make it easier to satisfy the entertainment needs of new-age viewers.

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