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Tons of goods are being transported from one corner of the globe to the other. The task of transportation of goods is not simple though. Products have to be verified properly, carrier tariffs have to be paid on time, density calculation has to be done and a lot more. 

All these steps are carefully supervised under shipping freight. There are some not well-known but key takeaways that seem to be significant. BeFBA is solely responsible for shipping from China to the United States of America with highly experienced faculties. Looking for some useful tips that can guide you in choosing the right Freight Forwarder? Here they are! 4 tips for choosing the right shipping freight. 

  1. A Well Estimated Freight Transmit Time

A proper discussion has to be done about the schedule, before a freight move, especially about the time of delivery. This has to be done beforehand so that the shipper will connect to the delivery location. Amazon FBA China is doing a great job in Shipping Freight on time. 

As per the shipment date, a delivery estimate and a transmit will be provided by the shipper when the shipment is quoted. Moreover, it has to be noted that standard freight services will not function on the weekends. 

Thus, this point has to be remembered while estimating the delivery time.  One common issue that has been faced by the shippers often is that your products may get jammed at some location before coming to your hand. In case of any emergency, if you want your products as soon as possible, you can take up options like expedited one and just in time options. 

While using the LTL services or truckload services, make sure that your product is sharing space with some other loads on the truck. Not sure about what is meant by LTL services, this link can be quite useful for you

Finally, the shippers should keep in mind that their customers and carriers should connect and should be informed if there are any potential delays. These delays can be due to extra time taken in building the products.  

2. Extra Costs for Additional Provisions 

The main goal for the shipper is to take the loads from their respective origin to their place of destination on time. Yes, it is a complicated business. The price of your bill will get increased if you claim a more complicated shipment and a lot of extra services. 

If you demand any sort of special equipment such as refrigerated vehicles instead of a typical dry vehicle, then you will be required to pay an extra charge. Some essential features like residential delivery will also require extra pay as these features will need more effort, flexibility than a typical fetch. 

A guaranteed delivery can cost more. If you force the shipper to work on weekends and holidays, then again that will be quite expensive as they will be put in a state to extend their hours of service. 

On the whole, both the shipper and the customers should know the important fact that any sort of last-minute request will affect your costs in the customer’s bills. 

3. Unavoidable issue – Damage 

Though this may feel weird in the case of the freight business, as said, damages are unavoidable and occur in unexpected scenarios. 

The business of Freight Shipping itself is a risky job.

While loading the heavy loads on a large scale, some little scratches or small damages can occur in a fraction of a second. 

Extra care has to be taken while handling furniture loads, items made of glass, and similar ones. These things are made up of fragile materials and thus, they tend to get damaged easily. 

A proper and closed packaging of loads can keep damages far away. At the same time, the shipper should make sure that the packing is not more or less than its required level. Overpackaging can increase the weight of loads.  

4. Connect with the Carrier 

It gets more tedious as a lot of freight keeps entering the network, where the capacity of the carrier is limited. Thus, it is really hard to find the available trucks. As the ELD mandate has made the hours of work time of the drivers more stiffened, the shippers are the ones who will be appreciated the most. 

A critical point to note for the shippers is that the freight carriers will rarely accept personal items for shipping as it will be highly impossible to be responsible for such intimate things.

Delays will be annoying, not only for the driver but also for the shipper. In turn, it can also be expensive for the shipper. All these problems can be easily avoided if the shipper can contact their customers to keep them informed.  


Now, you would have got a clear idea about what factors have to be considered while choosing the right freight forwarder. The right Freight forwarder will reduce the workload for you by bearing it on their shoulders. They will be behind you, helping from taking the loads to the loads being delivered to their destinations. 

Before finalizing your shipper, take the desired time to know more about the freight forwarder and about the services they provide to experience seamless shipping. 

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