Fri. May 10th, 2024
Tips to Having a Memorable Trip to Istanbul

Istanbul can be intimidating if it is your first trip to an Islamic country. However, you will be caught by surprise by how friendly and welcoming the Turkish people are. Istanbul, also known as “the mother of all cities,” is full of life and is worthy of a visit.

First off, make sure to stay at a holiday rental so that you can enjoy time with the people you are travelling with and also spoil yourself with a relaxing time in a place that you can call home in a foreign city.

Here are tips to having a memorable trip in the city of Istanbul, Turkey.

#1 – Wear your walking shoes!

Because Istanbul is a bustling city, there is a lot of traffic. On your trip, you don’t want to waste hours and hours looking at the car in front of you, so you might as well walk. Getting around by foot to where you want to go is much faster, but it depends on where you want to go.

Also, if you want to window shop or visit the markets, you definitely want to wear your walking shoes. A side note, as you walk, watch your belongings and be mindful of pick-pockets that will try to steal from you.

#2 – Go to the Rooftop Bar

Beyoglu is a popular area in Istanbul where rooftop bars are located. These are fun places to go out for amazing nightlife. On the rooftop, order a drink and enjoy the sun setting in the background of a beautiful city.

#3 – Eat Dinner on a Cruise

A great tip for the city is to go on a dinner cruise. As you eat, you will be able to see the bridges that are lit up with many lights and different city views. You can definitely enjoy this dinner with your loved one.

#4 – Visit the Blue Mosque

The Blue Mosque is the most famous landmark in Istanbul that you should visit. This mosque is called the Blue Mosque because of it’s ceiling that is adorned with blue tiles.

To enter the Blue Mosque, there is no cost, other than the fact that you should be dressed appropriately. You need to cover your head and shoulders and legs if you are a lady. If you don’t have a scarf to hang over yourself, you can borrow one when you get there. You also must take off your shoes. Men should also cover any part of their body but they don’t need to cover their head.

#5 –Talk with the Locals

The Turkish people are friendly and will be more than glad to help you explore the different districts of Istanbul. All you need to do is talk to them. They will direct you to all the unforgettable places that you won’t want to miss during your stay in Istanbul.

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