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Construction of Asphalt Pavement Work

I will introduce useful knowledge of tools and materials used in the asphalt pavement process by the driveway paving contractors to guarantee the quality of pavement from equipment such as heavy machinery used for asphalt pavement work and specialized vehicles and knowledge when constructing.

Table of contents

  • Special tools used in the construction of asphalt pavement work
  • Materials used in the construction of asphalt pavement work
  • Tools used for the construction of asphalt pavement
  • Summary

Lots of heavy machinery used for asphalt pavement

Various construction machines and heavy machinery are used for pavement work. Some specialized vehicles specialized in asphalt pavement are also available, each of which has a wide range of fields. I introduce heavy machinery used in general and work process in charge.


It is a tractor equipped with a blade that extrudes soil and crushed stone, and it is a vehicle for performing the earthquake which is often seen in related industries. It is used for roughing of roadbeds.

Motor Grader

It is a heavy machine equipped with a nail that scrapes up the blade and soil between the front wheels and the rear wheels of a large vehicle. Compared to bulldozers, it can be smoothed more smoothly, and it is used for finishing roadbeds.

Tire Roller

It is a vehicle with many wheels wearing pneumatic tires. Using the weight of the vehicle itself, tread down the construction surface with the tire, and perform the rolling of the surface layer and the base layer.

Road Roller

It is a vehicle driven by iron wheels (rollers) instead of tires. There is an advantage that a wider rolling pressure is possible that a tire roller and the pavement surface is finished neatly.

Various materials used for asphalt pavement

I will also explain the materials forming the pavement surface. Even the main materials used are as follows.

Sand, crushed stone

It is a material used for roadbeds that form the foundation of pavement. Crushed stones are from large grains used for lower roadbeds to small grains and uniform shapes used for upper roadbeds.

Asphalt mixture

The asphalt used for paving is the official name “asphalt mixture” and is exactly a mixture of crushed stone and gravel mixed asphalt as a joint. In addition to crushed stone, which is formulated as aggregate, a mineral fine powder called filler and asphalt refined from petroleum are mixed to produce a mixture for paving.

Asphalt emulsion

The asphalt mixture becomes soft by heating and hardens at room temperature. Asphalt emulsion is treated so that this asphalt can be handled in liquid form at room temperature. It is made by dispersing fine particles of asphalt in water, and it cures by drying, unlike the mixture. This property is used for bonding high-temperature asphalt mixture and roadbed gravel, road surface protection, moisture isolation, etc. It is called “prime coat” or “tack coat” depending on the place to be used and usage, respectively. Both are important materials for ensuring the quality of asphalt pavement.

Tools used for the construction of asphalt pavement

The above-mentioned asphalt emulsion is mainly used for adhesion between layers of asphalt pavement having a multilayer structure. Spraying of the emulsion is carried out using specialized vehicles and manual tools, and one example of the equipment to be used will be introduced below.


It is a truck equipped with a tank filled with asphalt emulsion and a spraying mechanism (spray bar). As the spray port is bar-shaped, asphalt emulsion can be sprayed evenly on the road surface. Also, depending on the running speed of the truck, the amount of the emulsion sprayed can be adjusted.


It is a tool for spreading asphalt emulsion by hand. Pumps and scattering nozzles are attached to the emulsion tank with a bogie, we will spray nozzles with hands. Pump power has engine and hand-push type, both of which are suitable for pinpoint emulsion spraying. The distributor is superior in terms of uniformity, but since the sprayer is small, it can enter even a small spraying place, construction cost is cheap, and there is the advantage that special qualification is not necessary when handling. Summary The points of the process of asphalt pavement construction are below.

  • Special tools used in the construction of asphalt pavement work
  • Materials used in the construction of asphalt pavement work

I am satisfied if the information introduced this time will be valuable to everyone.

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