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If you are visiting Delaware, you are just minutes away from exploring some of the most famous sights in the USA. Northern Delaware is home to the rolling hills, and you can catch a glimpse of the famous DuPont Estates when you are here. The Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge in Central Delaware is complete with bucolic beauty and if you are fond of beaches, head straight to South Delaware for a lazy sunbath or some fun-filled activities with the sea. There are so many things you can do here- both adults and children enjoy themselves to the fullest!

Activities to do in Delaware

Delaware has historical importance in the USA. It was the first state in 1787 to ratify the Constitution of America. It is a very small state with just 1900 square miles of territory; however, it does offer tourists a lot of amazing attractions that one cannot afford to miss. Delaware is known as the Diamond State. Thomas Jefferson said Delaware was a jewel thanks to its location and hence its name. Perfect for adults and kids, Delaware offers you amazing moments to remember for life. You will find a lot of beaches, family venues, craft beer and the magic of the Mid Atlantic Coast to bedazzle you and leave an indelible impression on your minds.

If you love sports, you can catch the majestic horses in action at Dover Downs Race Track or engage yourself with football, hockey or volleyball. The sports venues of Delaware are modern and with comfortable seating arrangements.

Explore the beaches in Delaware for a unique experience

Delaware beaches are small and very quiet. The region is suitable for long nature strolls. You can check out the popular galleries in Delaware with a cup of coffee experiencing the sunrise. The Rehoboth Beach is visited the most in Delaware. If you would like to mingle with a vibrant and young crowd, Dewey Beach should be your destination when you are in the state.

Discover the wonderful Coastal Towns of Delaware

Delaware has amazing coastal towns that you should visit when you are here. They have a magical charm that invokes you to keep on coming back to them each time you visit Delaware. If you are traveling to Delaware alone or in a group, you can take a guided tour of Eleutherian Mills – the original home of the Du Pont Family- one of the richest families in the history of the USA since the middle of the 19th Century. They specialized in the business of gunpowder, and the estate has lovely gardens and houses The Hagley Museum and Library that in the past were the original gunpowder mills. This Library focuses on the innovations in technology and business in the history of the USA. Here, in the mill, you will get illustrations on how gunpowder used to be manufactured in the past. Tourists who visit the estate are treated to an exquisite collection of antique cars when they visit the barns of the Dupont Estate.

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