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A Power of Attorney form is a type of written document that can be used by a competent adult to appoint some other competent grown-up person to act on his behalf. Generally, the appointed agent can be expected to handle all those legally valid tasks that the principal had the legal right to carry out on his own. Know about the types of authorities that you can bestow on an agent with a free power of attorney form.

Offering management assistance

You can also create a power of attorney online to appoint an agent to offer your management assistance of all types, with regards to your assets, estate, properties, etc. He should enter into contracts, make gifts from the estate, transfer revocable trusts, maintain and conduct all types of business interests, handle government benefits and even hire professionals for help when required.

Dealing with financial activities and decisions

These duties might include:

  • Purchasing life insurance
  • Handling banking transactions
  • Filing tax returns
  • Exercising any stock rights
  • Handling transactions including securities
  • Disclaiming interests to avoid taxes on the estate
  • Any or all types of claim settlement

If needed, the person might also be entrusted with the responsibility of entering safe deposit boxes. The document needs to be extremely specific regarding the types of financial powers that the appointed agent will have. You might also include directions that would clarify what the appointed individual is supposed to do for you, and what types of financial decisions and activities he is supposed to deal with.

Handling of property

Such a document can be used to authorize an agent with the powers to sell and buy the personal property. He/she can also be given the power to manage, sell and buy real property. You can download power of attorney from the internet and customize it for your own use.

A Power of Attorney (POA) is a document that can be created and used, without going to court, to appoint a person to manage your daily affairs as your guardian. It is a powerful document that can keep your interests protected even when you get mentally incapacitated. Know about some of the top benefits of having a power of attorney form.

Asset protection during the loss of mental capacity

Mental disorders such as dementia are dreadful and slowly make a person lose his / her mental faculties. In old age, dementia occurs commonly and one needs to plan for it beforehand. With a power of attorney form, it is possible to avoid all the issues that can arise with respect to the properties, finances, and assets as well as family of an affected individual. With a Power of Attorney that is created after proper consultation with other family members, it is possible to satisfy the concerns of everybody.

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