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Skin is a kind of a seamless organ and this works like a fine cloth that protects a human body. But if there is any burn, trauma, injury or any surgery on it, then they cal always leave a scar.

Sometimes the scar happens in a concealed space and sometimes it is not a large one and so they can be easy to control or hide. But there are some deeper and bigger scars that is not possible to conceal and it is also necessary to treat them properly. One can go for a proper treatment process so that the appearance of the scar lightens and it also gets reduced in size. One can use no scars cream online but before one should get a clear idea about how do these scars happen?

One should always know that this scarring is a very natural part which happens when one is undergoing a healing process. The appearance of those scars and the treatment process also depends on a lot of things. The wound cut and the depth of it along with the location also matters a lot.

Here are different types of scars that can occur on a human body:

Keloid scars

These are the scars that can happen because one is undergoing a very fast healing procedure. In fact sometimes they also go beyond the original injury. When this scar happens then often the doctor decides to remove the scar by doing a surgery. They can also use silicone sheets or steroid injections to flatten the scar. In case of smaller keloid scars the doctors mainly so for a freezing therapy that happens with the help of liquid nitrogen. In fact, in order to prevent the keloid scars one use a gel pad or some pressure treatments as well.

Contracture scars

When the skin gets burned then one might face a contracture scar. They mostly tighten the skin and so it can impair one’s ability to move. These scars can also go deeper and it can affect the nerves and muscles as well.

Hypertrophic scars

They are the red scars that look like keloids but they never go beyond the boundary of injury. In case of treating these scars one can use steroid injections because it can reduce inflammation and can also flatten the scars.

Acne scars

When one is suffering from severe acne scars then it can range from angular ones to dip pit scars. Now, how one can treat them, depends on the type of acne scars that one is suffering from.

One can use the best scar cream for face to remove the scar marks. There are some prescribed ointments and over the counter lotions available in the market which can be really effective. Sometimes, in case of sever scars; some oral medications are also prescribed by the doctors to lighten the marks. There are a few people who go for a collagen treatment as well. One can also try some natural and home remedies which can be great to treat acne scars.

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