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Necklaces have become an inevitable part of the women dress code since centuries now. This piece of jewellery has been worn by women since early Renaissance and Gothic days

There are plenty of necklace varieties available these days and one can look for necklace design online shopping and select some statement neckpieces from there. Here are some major varieties from which one can choose as well:

Bib Necklace

This just like a bib covers the neck area where the bib covers it. This one has become a popular trend now when it comes to necklace designs. They look like a decoration around the neck and one can wear them with some nice blouse. They look chunky and bold and in most cases they are made of gold or silver. One can also make a bib necklace out of crystals or beads and they look equally elegant.

Chain Necklace

This is a very common variety of necklace which can be simply worn by anyone. They have different lengths and sizes and they can be single stranded or double stranded. Apart from being made of gold or silver they can also be made of rose gold or white gold. One can wear them with or without pendants. One can wear them with any kind of outfit if they just want to flaunt a simple look.


The best thing about chokers are, they really go well with every kind of outfits. One can go for chokers which are normally 14 to 16 inches in length and they are worn very close to the neck. In fact, they can go really well with all kinds of necklines. One can wear them with a formal dress or a traditional sari or even with a jeans and a wide necked kurta.

Collar Necklace

These necklaces go really well with outfits that are off shoulders, boat necks or turtle necks. These necklaces fit around the neck and they are mostly made of 3 or more strands. The entire necklace circles around the collar area and they are either made of beads or of different gems. One can wear them with a casual or a formal wear.

Graduated Necklace

Just like its name it is a single stranded one which is made of beads. Near the clasp the beads are smaller in size but as it gradually reaches the end, it becomes bigger. This gives a very extravagant look to the outfit. They are mostly made of beads of the same colour but sometimes they are made of multicoloured beads as well.

Matinee Necklace

These are best paired with a plunging neckline because this matinee necklace cares to settle just right above the bust. They are mostly 20 to 22 inches long and they are mostly made of stones and beads. These necklaces come with a pendant as well.

When it comes to designer necklace womens there are plenty of other varieties available as well. One can go for multi strings necklaces as well as they go well with every kind of outfits.

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