Fri. May 10th, 2024
Right-Sized Timepiece

Buying a wristwatch is no mean feat. To make you sure, here is what our experts at Garmin Singapore have to say about selecting the right wristwatches. Since there are several designs, styles, and variations of timepieces available, it is challenging to narrow down to a single choice. And, above it all, the style consideration is secondary, since how good a wristwatch looks on you is dependent on your wrist size.

But the fact of the matter is that the buck doesn’t stop rolling with the proper wrist measurement alone. It is how you use the information and purchase the right type of wristwatch according to your wrist dimensions. So without further ado, in the following section, we present to you the top five parameters for choosing the right wristwatch based on your wrist size.

The diameter of the watch case

The case diameter is what diverts all the attention to a watch. So, it is needless to say that it is a primary consideration while choosing a wristwatch. If you are looking for a men’s watch, then keep in mind that the diameters range from 38-46mm. Go lower than that, and you are looking at women’s watches. If your wrist measurement categorizes you like a slender with a range, 14-18cm then select the medium diameters of 38-42mm. If your wrist is thicker, then you can go for the widths greater than 42mm.

The thickness of the case

The second most important consideration is the thickness of the watch case. The depth of the case is usually dependent and proportional to the diameter of the watch case. So with a greater diameter of the case, the thickness increases as well. Select the right thickness, and the timepiece will flatter your wrist just right. For all you slender wristed fellows, you should ideally go for the 7mm thick case while the thicker wrists can adorn the 9mm thick and more.

The width of the watchband

Most of the professional and reputed watchmakers follow the industry-standard rule of a bandwidth that is half the case diameter. This gives a well balanced and proportioned look for the watch. However, as far as the watch bandwidth is concerned, it is strictly a personal choice.

The material of the watch band

Since you are aiming for perfection, you should also consider the material of the watchband. Metal bands can appear thicker and heavier. So if you have a thin wrist, you would do well to avoid such metallic bands. Leather bands are timeless classics, and you can rock them all day long.

Keep in mind the watch detailing

There are various other details for the timepiece that you need to consider while making a choice. These include the features like the markers, subdials, main hands, crows, and electronic display for a digital watch. Go for more dominant features if your wrist is thick and minimal features for the slender wrist types.

Keep in mind these basic considerations as listed above before choosing a wristwatch. All the best!

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