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Before learning the guitar, it is important to have a little general knowledge of this instrument.The guitar is an instrument with 6 strings on which you can play melodies or chords and accompaniments. With melodies, the game is “note to note” while with chords, the game vibrates several strings simultaneously to form a harmony or chord. Most chords require the use of multiple fingers of the left hand (two, three, or even four). It is obvious that the note-to-note game is easier at first since the fingers are placed one after the other on the strings. This is why I suggest that beginners start with the melodies. Then we go to chords sunday best and accompaniments when the fingers are well untied.

Tips for beginners

Some useful tips to learn guitar are: Never be discouraged, always play slowly at first, and don’t try to learn an entire song all at once, especially at the start. Proceed in stages, and even measure by measure if necessary, then chain the first two sequences and so on. Open your book, listen to the CD, watch the DVD! Come on, you’re ready to start.

The essential basics for playing the guitar

Is your guitar well tuned? I advise you to ask a pro to do it with you and for you at first, but you will have to learn at some point.To play the guitar, I advise you to learn the basics first. You must learn to identify the different parts that make up your guitar. There is usually the body of the guitar, the strings, the neck.

Be aware that at the very beginning of your learning, you will probably have pain in your fingers from playing, but also on your arm and wrist. It’s just that you’re not quite used to it yet, but you’ll see that over time everything will get better.

I also recommend that you learn to play with a pick. It is a small triangular piece of plastic. It is mainly used to help you pick the notes and strum the strings of the guitar. You can find it in any music store, don’t worry. I advise you to use it, especially if you start to learn the guitar, even if it is not compulsory. It will help you a lot.

How To Play Chords

Once you get away with the pick and get a good grip on your guitar, it’s time to learn to play chords. Don’t worry, it’s not as difficult as it sounds, however you need to be patient and have a lot of willpower.

 There are two kinds of chords with regard to the guitar, first position chords and crossed chords. You will have to start with the first option, the most common major chords are those of C major, G major, E major and D major. I also recommend that you learn to place your fingers correctly to play chords. if you find any difficulty then you can take the help of online guitar chords to learn the chords of any song.

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