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The application process for Singapore permeant residency can be complicated owing to the sheer number of administrative hurdles and assessment requirements. As such, it should come as no surprise that the majority of applicants have their applications rejected. The most common reasons for rejection include:

  • Errors in application form
  • Applicant not meeting the requirements for PR
  • Applicant not displaying the necessary attributes during the interview

Administrative Errors

Worryingly, a good portion of applications are rejected based on incomplete submissions or paperwork errors. This can be highly frustrating to everyone involved as applicants fail to adhere to the guidelines for submission. Be it the failure to include fully translated versions of official documents or income related documents, a rejection could be served for the smallest of reasons.

If you are confused over the criteria needed and wish to avoid a wasted submission, then you should consider engaging an apply PR Singapore agency who can help to vet through your application.

Criteria For Becoming A Singaporean PR

5 broad criteria are used for determining if an individual is suitable for receiving PR in Singapore. Each of which depend on different proxy metrics.


Education has long been one of the fundamental pillars to the process. The type of degree held by you, its nature as well as associated prestige play a role here. It should go without saying that if you graduated from a renown university, that you stand a better chance of having a successful application.

Education is one of two proxies used for determining if you have the capability to contribute to Singapore. If your university is one that is in demand, then you likely mixed with the brightest minds in the country while facing the equivalent academic vigour needed to challenge your mind.

Employment History

Your success at various stints with different employers is the next tell-tale sign of your ability to contribute to the Singapore economy. This can be measured based on:

  • Career progression from job to job
  • Individual achievements at each job
  • Diversity in achievements or jobs
  • Supplementary courses taken to train oneself to perform better

Duration of Stay

If you intend to become a Singaporean permeant resident, then it is important that you demonstrate a desire to actually live in the country. Afterall, the government would not want to be seen giving out PR status to an individual who barely spent any time here recently. As such, we recommend that you have stayed for multiple years in Singapore before applying for PR. Additionally, it would help if you spent the majority of this duration being physically in the nation.

Societal Contributions

A relatively new criteria is that of current and potential societal contributions that you can make to Singapore’s community. This includes any voluntary efforts that you have made in Singapore as well as the skill set that you have that enables you to contribute further in the future.

Family Ties

Finally, if you have existing family ties in Singapore, you will enjoy a better chance of having your application accepted.

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