Fri. May 10th, 2024
Best Way to Store Homemade Beer

The fresher you drink is, the better it tastes. Beer is best stored in a dark, dry place at low temperatures in the cellar. The more alcohol your beer has, the longer you will enjoy it. Decide for what you wish to store beer. Is it for later consumption or a party?

Proper storage for home-brewed beer is possible at cold temperatures. The unfiltered state and still-active yeast cells in the beer ensure that it reacts sensitively to heat. This can even cause a bottle to burst. 

Rules for beer storage for later:

  1. In the dark dry place
  1. Between -1 and 8 °C or a maximum of 10°C 
  1. The cold chain must be stable 
  1. Different temperatures for various types of beer 
  1. The more hops are used in the beer, the more sensitive it is to light and temperature fluctuations. The bitter-tasting compounds are affected in particular
  1. If the alcohol content is around 5%, you can store your home-brewed beer for around three to six months 
  1. With an alcohol content of 8 %, beer can be treated as good red wine and matured in the cellar. This treatment is for sorts with a high malt content.

Beer Taps and Kegs for a Sparkling taste with Kegerators

To store home-brewed beer for a party, make sure to use kegs, kegerator, tapping systems.

Kegerator is a refrigerator designed for the storage and dispensing of kegs with beer. Check these kegerators for sale to choose from.

For a smashing party:

  • Fill your beer into a beer keg for secondary fermentation
  • The beer stays natural; in the brewing keg, the yeast is still present
  • Put it into a kegerator 
  • Tap it fresh using the beer tapping system  
  • The keg can be stored up to four weeks before consumption

Following all the rules mentioned above, you will be able to offer your guests home-brewed beer professionally, from your small beer dispenser, and everyone will be amazed if the beer tastes twice as good.

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