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In past years, a man arrived at Kasorgod, which is placed in Karnataka. His surname is NA Mohammed. He went to that town without a single wage, but he possessed a primary goal. He happily achieved that dream, and he enhances a considerable businessperson and congress partisan in Karnataka. He has a perfect name, and he recognizes as a flourishing leader in the congress participant.

What is the history of him?

First, he existed in Kerala; after that, he changed to Karnataka in the Shivamogga region to begin a new life. He initially established up a scrap metal shop. He becomes constant in wealth, but he has not become happy with that; he desired to do something for his presence to do it more impressive.

After a few years, he moved to Bengaluru and relished in Vijayanagar. He began a store for buttermilk in the place Vasanth Nagar. He also had a meaningful profit, and he originated so many companies like owning his hotel, schools, established to handling, so several administration contracts called architecture projects, etc.

He had not accomplished all this by his business and money, but his groups ought to also well know for the gunmen administering in the city. It is a revealed mystery that he has an even workforce and money potential. Both abilities helped him a destiny for his political entrance.

How he intruded toward politics?

Mohammad Haris Nalapad never competed in the Karnataka elections, but his thicker bond characters say Mohammed intends to enter politics. His son, nicknamed Nalapad Ahmed Haris, has so much involved in politics. He achieved his father’s dream and his object with so much effort.

To join politics, Haris Nalapad profession helped him so much. He began to connect with the Karnataka capitalist congressmen and minister named George as soon as they mature a friendly associate.

The minister encouraged him so enough to get a profession quickly in the congress privileged. Then Haris grows so close with the Karnataka congress constituents and with their relatives. Soon he got a chance for the vote to enhance as an MLA. Mohammad Haris Nalapad got elected by the souls by choosing and be positioned as an MLA. Most of the elder constituents in the congress party don’t prefer that his quicker increase in politics.

Haris got so popular among the personalities, not only by his business and administrative relations, because of his humanity; he gives scholarships for the impoverished students by his foundation and conceives and gives job openings for the scholars and the poor people.

Why congress members avoid him?

 Mohammed was jailed for offending a man for some purpose. He remained in jail; after that, he asked for bail several times, but it got declined regularly; after that, he got shunned by the congress folks and fought so much to get that place back. His son achieved his goals and still now working for the position. Now he is doing his profession greatly and achieving more things in his life. Many youngsters are now following him, and they just want to be like him in their future.

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