Thu. Feb 29th, 2024

In India, the more number of people are watching the news channels as this is bringing the live updates. But in recent times that too in this modern world, most of the TV channels are engaging in the business by providing the fake and the unwanted news to the people. Thus these channels are supporting the ruling party as they have to rescue their own business. Even though these channels are telling many of the lies, they are still securing high fame from the viewers. One of the YouTube channels called Binge is providing the various trending videos that imitate the reality of today’s Indian journalism.

What is special in this video?

The video called The Great Indian Journalism will give complete laughter for the viewers as they will find the exact imitation of the famous news channels. The famous news reporter called Arnab Goswami is trolled in this video. His news reporting tactics and the way of the body language is imitated completely by the famous actor called Chote Miyan. The video is completely about the reality of journalism that is explained in a laughing manner. This is one of the famous funny videos 2020 that has gained more support from the viewers. In this video, Anushka Sharma and Mehek Mehra are also acted and nailed by their performance. The channel called the Binge is providing the various funny videos, and so most of the viewers are subscribing to this channel. You will find a lot of the trolling videos about the journalists on this channel, and so it will be the best one to know about the reality of the media and journalism. Many of the popular Indian media like the zee news and republic tv are being trolled in this trolling channel, and so it is in the list of the top videos. Even the popular news journals called the Anjana om Kashyap and ravish Kumar are trolled in this video with the excellent acting performance.

Why is it necessary to watch the video?

The video has trolled the media channels and also exposed the reality of the journalist in India. The journalism is not the same as in the previous days as everything become politics. Therefore just for the awareness, the Binge Hindi is providing the fantastic and the trending videos. The actor Anushka Sharma alright has acted in this video as they have gained more popularity by acting in a lot of the drama and the entertainment videos. This channel is having a partnership with the rvcj and Hasley India. This is even though the troll video is providing the silent message that the journalism is not like the real face before. This Hindi short film video is made for the trolling of the journalism character, and also it is the short length video. You have to subscribe to this channel and get the notifications whenever uploaded. The video will be more entertaining with the complete humor, and so this will be the biggest threat for the viewers.

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