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What Makes Uber For Tutor App Good Investment For Start-ups

The era for on-demand apps like Uber for tutoring service app is on high due to their multi-faceted approach. When the concept of on-demand apps comes in mind, a sense of quality services and ease are developed in the users’ mind. Business owners looking for a new option for their businesses with the least investment and maximum output can find on-demand apps really fruitful. People are looking for on-demand or instant solutions, so the demand for on-demand apps is inevitable. Now, unlike earlier, people can get the best solutions or professional services at their doorsteps; whether they want to opt for a professional or expert teacher or a taxi.

The time has advanced and technologies too. The traditional way of finding a teacher and wait for their limited services have been outdated. In the present, students want more, instant and the best. Therefore, it can be done only using on-demand apps. This time has made the expert tutors and students work easier due to on-demand apps. All processes – from a simple booking, meeting to work, students can easily connect with professionals.

Stats and Research why you should invest in On-demand Apps

As per the statistics and data, students enrolling for online courses or tutoring services are expected to rise twice or double in the coming year. Thus, it is clearly mentioned that investing now can multiply profit to 200%. K-12 industry globally will remain growing and will achieve 12% of CAGR as per the forecast. If we solely look at the data, it is insane. K-12 of online tutoring market was valued at 63.57 billion dollars which are expected to be 120.67 billion dollars by 2021. The population will grow and the demand for online solutions; therefore, it is a great scope for businesses to invest now to get lifetime benefit or profit.

If we talk more about facts and near surroundings, we can easily find that how coaching centres help students to get detailed knowledge through their own apps. This is one of the best ways to connect with the best and experienced professionals.

Know Features and about how On-demand Apps help Students

  • Help Students to get Instant and near Tutors

On-demand apps help students to connect with nearby teachers with only a few taps. Through multiple features of the app, students can easily filter teachers as per the locational preference, courses, rates, and expertise. The detailed profile of teachers will help students choose the best teacher.

If you want your app really different from others and want to grow business insanely, then, cite every minute detail of professionals. Students are even smarter than you think. Allow them to evaluate through the comparison, feedback, backgrounds and other requisites.

  • Allow On-demand Lecture Sessions

Students are allowed to choose the desired professional after the evaluation. Later, tutors will share video sessions with students. Booking sessions will allow students to learn the lesson through video sessions at the preferred time. Calendars must be provided to students so that they can book lessons in advance and take lessons.

  • Chat Option

A chat option in on-demand apps is like a requisite. The option helps students to connect and solve their queries and fix further schedules. This option will let students get instant solutions.

  • Secured Payment Option

If you are looking to build an on-demand tutoring app, then, you must be concerned about its security measures. There should be multiple payment options available through which students can pay easily. The encrypted data make sure the payment will be safe.

No doubt that an investment in on-demand tutoring apps will be a wise move. Business owners just need an on-demand app to connect tutors and students for starting their businesses.

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