Fri. May 10th, 2024
An Overhead View Of A Male Movers Unloading The Cardboard Boxes Form Truck On Street

It’s the time you look forward to most whilst organising a relocation: the end.¬† After the stresses of moving settle most people become more relaxed as they settle into their new home. Despite this, there are still a few key things you need to do prior to collapsing onto the couch and sleeping for a year.

Transfer Utilities

Transferring utilities is arguably the most important task that needs to be done after your move. Nothing is worse than being in a house with all your goods but having no access to power, water or internet. By contacting your utilities advisor, they should be able to quickly set up all the above areas. This might also give you a chance to review the type of utilities you pay for. Now might be a good time to have a quick chat to them and discuss your options in your new home.

Update Address

Your living at a new address so you probably want your mail to reach you, right? Well, you’d be surprised to find out that a great deal of people forgets to redirect their mail. This can cause an array of issues and culminate in you having to spend more money on in the long run on late fees and surcharges.

Most services that require an address let you make personal information updates online. If this is not the case call the customer help line of any company and they will be able to update and authenticate your new address. Don’t forget to tell your work as well!

Do a Thorough Inspection

This step applies doubly so if you are in a rental property! Ensure when you move in your complete a thorough inspection of the premise. Note down any damages or irregularities for any future use. Don’t be afraid to take pictures of everything, whether that be: marks on the wall, skids on the flooring or even a precariously hanging branch waiting to fall through your window. By taking both written and visual evidence you can ensure that should anything happened, you were proactive in documenting it.

Recycle Packing Materials

Reduce, Re-use and Recycle! This isn’t just a catchy phrase. It’s something you can do to make your new space cleaner and neater. Don’t be afraid to look up your local re-fuse station. Most of these stations have adequate recycling stations. If you are looking to get money for your boxes, approach local removalist and storage companies, as they may be able to offer a buy-back in the form of monetary compensation.

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