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The urinary bladder is a balloon-like muscular organ, whose job is to store urine until its ready to be excreted. The urine is produced in the kidneys from where it is passed down through the ureter then to the bladder. From the bladder, urine is passed through the urethra while urination.

You might have heard of this life-threatening disease called cancer. The chronic disease can bud in your bladder, in fact, it’s the 9th most common cancer in the world. When the urothelial cells located in the inner lining of the bladder multiply uncontrollably, it develops a tumorous region known as bladder cancer. If caught in the early stage, bladder cancers can certainly be cured and are not life-threatening. In extreme cases, the bladder is to be removed, but that cases are rare. A routine checkup and therapies can help to regain perfect health.



There are many treatment options which can successfully cure the situation. Hospitals in Delhi have shown some significant remissions. Here are urinary bladder cancer treatments in Delhi


A typical surgery follows the removal of the affected area along with some healthy tissue. There are different types of bladder surgeries depending on your stage and health. Different types of bladder surgeries known are-

Transurethral Bladder tumor resection(TURBT)-

The procedure is used for all 3 aspects of cancer treatment, to identify the stage, for diagnosis and for treatment. As a treatment option, the surgeon inserts a cystoscope through the urethra then into the bladder. The patient is put on anesthesia to cover the pain of the operation. The surgeon uses a small wire, laser, or fulguration to remove the tumor.

Cystectomy and lymph node dissection-

This procedure follows the removal of the entire bladder and some nearby tissue. For men, the prostate and the urethra are removed and for women, the uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes, and some part of the vagina faces a surgical removal. In some cases, only part of the bladder needs to be removed, the procedure is called a partial cystectomy.

The removed bladder is followed by the construction of a urine pouch through the small and large intestines or diverts the urine flow through the small intestine to a stroma, an opening outside the body.


Chemotherapy uses intense medication to destroy the cancer cells inside the body. In this case, there could be two versions of the chemo treatment. The first is Intravesical chemotherapy, in which the drugs are delivered directly into the bladder through a catheter. This therapy may not be that promising, as it only harms the cells in contact. The cancer cells spread to the other organs or inner lining of the bladder will not be affected. The other one is systematic chemo. Done by an oncologist a systematic chemo infuses the medication directly into the bloodstream which attacks every crazily multiplying cell into the body.


This therapy works by boosting the natural defense mechanism of the patient’s body. They work by using the regular medication by the patient. Other therapies like hormonal therapy and radiation therapy are also used to cure bladder cancer.

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