Fri. May 10th, 2024
Lyft Accident Attorney

Lyft services, just like Uber, provide an alternative faster and hassle-free transport, especially in movements about the city. Lyft generally attracts users that live in urban areas where using a private vehicle, or public means can, at times, be hectic. However, the fact that you will be riding solo with a Lyft driver puts you at some considerable risk because not everyone is a saint.

Most gross misconducts of Lyft drivers go unreported because most people don’t know that a St Louis Lyft Accident Attorney can actually help you go about any harm imposed on you by the ride. So, what are the instances that can lead to attracting the services of a Lyft accident attorney? Well, they include but not limited to, the following:

  • General accidents

General accidents are the leading scenario that can bring about a Lyft accident compensation claim. You don’t have to ride in the car to get involved in an accident. You may be walking peacefully from work, and a driver veers off the road and knocks you down violently. In that instance, you’ll need medical bills, compensation for work time missed during recuperation, or even financial benefits for dependents if the unfortunate incidence causes death.

  • Sexual assault

Sexual assault can cause not only actual bodily harm but also severe trauma that can take longer to heal. In an instance where a Lyft driver assaults you sexually, the best thing to do is always report it to the authorities. However, you must also note that after punishment, the company must still compensate you for the injuries sustained. Of course, you cannot have your dignity back through monetary compensation, but at least it will serve as a sign of goodwill from the company and can also help you deal with medical expenses.

  • Discrimination

Discrimination can actually amount to personal injury when it dampens inspirations or causes inconveniences due to depression and anxiety. For instance, if you lost your job because a Lyft driver canceled your ride on discriminative circumstances and you couldn’t make it in time, then you can proceed to seek compensation. In other words, any harm caused to you by someone else’s carelessness or negligence should attract compensation.

  • Harassment

Lastly, especially for ladies, you may be harassed by a Lyft driver through offensive jokes or even physical assault. The latter can be severe because it may leave actual bodily harm on you, which can affect your work schedule or studies. Offensive jokes can also lead to trauma and psychological depressions, especially if the driver mimics or jokes about your physical disability. Either way, no one is above the law, and you are entitled to compensation on any trauma, whether physical or psychological, that can be proved by torts of negligence.

As we mentioned, most of the above incidences go unreported, and that is where the victims go wrong about everything. An experienced Lyft accident attorney knows the law domains that affect each instance and will ensure that nothing goes unsettled. Gone are the days when you could suffer quietly. With the rise of technology, law firms are accessible even from the comfort of your home, and so finding the right lawyer shouldn’t be an issue.

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