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Many homeowners prefer to spend their free time in their backyards or front lawns. Gardening is a perfect way to relax and savor the beauty of nature. At the same, it’s not entertainment and you should be ready to make efforts to achieve success. Nowadays there are many helpful tools that make gardening more enjoyable and easier.

The most popular garden tools are the following:

  • Border fork is necessary for dotting diverse allotment tasks. The perfect variants are made from steel;
  • Lawn and leaf rake is the first thing to buy when fall comes. You need it for gathering fallen leaves garden detritus. You can use it even in the tricky border areas;
  • Secateurs or hand pruners are special scissors for plants. You can clean, cut, and trim away branches with the help of this tool;
  • Digging spade is a must-have of any gardener no matter how large his or her plot is. It’s better to choose stainless steel variants because they stay smooth when digging. The soil does not stick to them;
  • A hoe is a tool you need to cultivate your soil or edge your lawn. With its help, you can prepare beds for planting and weeding.

All the above-mentioned tools help you to cope with the dirtiest part of garden activities. There are other essential items you have to buy in order to keep your garden in order. For instance, a weed control fabric is the best solution when it comes to effective weed killers. It’s cheap, easy-to-use, and multi functional material. It’s possible to choose among various types of weed control fabric. They vary in sizes and extra features such as sizes, colors, textures. There are also UV-resistant variants available.

Yet, if you want to be a really good gardener, it’s not enough only to buy the necessary equipment. You have to take care of it. Even the items from the strongest materials can be spoiled or damages in case of improper use and care. The following tips help you to extend the life of your garden tools.

  • Always read manuals

If you are an experienced gardener it’s worth getting acquainted with the manual of the newly-bought tool. You can find useful information about the material the item is made of. You can also get to know about additional functions you haven’t even thought of.

  • Clean equipment every time you use it

Cleanliness is the main rule of proper tool storage. You have to clean every item from mud and dirt clumps. You can use a wire brush to cope with this task. It’s necessary to take care of the wooden handles of the tools. The linseed oil is the best means for preventing cracking.

  • Keep the items off the ground

The best way to store garden equipment is to hang it on the wall. There are various special hanging systems you can buy. It’s also possible to create an organizer from the clips and brackets by yourself.

  • Place items in the accessible places

The gardening season is a hot period. There is no time for hide-and-seek games. All the necessary things should be by hand. Moreover, it’s a cool idea to use instruments with bright and colorful handles. They help to identify and  pick up the needed sample in no time

Possible storage areas

The garage is the most popular spot to store garden tools. You can use spare walls to hang various items. Yet, if your garage is too small, you can build a small shed just in your backyard. The main requirement for the storage area is the absence of moist and dirt. The tools should be protected from direct sunlight, too.  The ideal storage spot is safe, compact, affordable, and flexible.

To sum it up, it’s worth mentioning that it’s of prime importance to store all your garden equipment in a proper way. Only then, it lasts longer and performs its functions well.

By Pooja

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