Fri. May 10th, 2024

Just one ticket can change your life!

If you say you haven’t wished for easy money, then you are being dishonest! You may have wished for that diamond set your friend has or that luxury sports car you admired as a teenager or a visit to a foreign land with your loved one. What if you knew of a way to make a handsome amount of money by just investing a few rupees? You could have just got lucky because here you will read how to make a good amount of money by playing the lotteries! Also, there is not just one or two, but several huge jackpots you can attempt with your luck.


Just as the name suggests supremacy, this US-based fancy lottery spreads itself across 44 states and is available to players online only on genuine websites like Lottoland. Since 1992, this jackpot has been a secret wish of many. Currently, they are offering their players a gigantic sum of INR 276 crores as the minimum jackpot. Powerball was also one of the first lotteries to give away an unbeatable jackpot of about INR 10,650 crores. Hope you are not holding your breath for too long after reading that!

Mega Millions

Mega Millions is famous for being the single payout lottery that exists. Started way back in 1996, it boasts of giving out almost INR 10,500 crores to a single ticket holder. Before Powerball rose to fame, Mega Millions ruled the states with the title of The Big Game. It is currently the world’s second largest leading lottery.


Along with being famous in France, Europe, and the UK, EuroMillions is available in nine other European countries and only on trusted online lottery portals. Famously known for being the third largest lottery in the world, EuroMillions’s first draw took place in Paris in 2004. Offering jackpots between INR 1484 Crores and INR 132 Crores, it always succeeds in making wishes come true.


Holding the second position in Europe, EuroJackpot is considered the younger sibling of EuroMillions as it was started in 2012. EuroJackpot offers prize money from INR 8 crore to INR 700 crore. A majority of the jackpot winners hail from Finland and Germany. You can be the first from India by registering yourself with the king of Lotto – Lottoland.


Hailing as the national lottery of Italy, it has the entire country’s attention when the life-changing jackpot reaches triple digit. About nine years ago, it offered a whopping amount of INR 1388 crores and later in 2016 the prize money was around INR 1277 crores. A single ticket holder claimed the latter amount and he instantly became the highest gainer in the national lottery.

Now that you know that people do win the lotteries and their wishes do come true, don’t waste the opportunity that has come to India. Register yourself and start bringing your dreams to life just like the other winners. If you are worried that you may spend all your prize money at once, then you will be relieved to know that the international lotteries provide options such as annuity for smart investors.

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