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After the big day with your friends and family, it is now time for just the both of you. At this point, you might be thinking about where to take your partner for that memorable getaway from the hustle and bustle of your home. You have seen and heard people going to Goa, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and where not, to celebrate their honeymoon. You might want to switch sides and go somewhere else, where people may not have been to or even heard of. There is no better option for a great honeymoon than a Dhow Cruise in Dubai.  Now, of course, people have heard of or may have even been to Dubai, but not many would have been on a Dhow Cruise. There are so many specialties and features on this marvelous traditional Arabian boat cruise that will gift you the most romantic outing with your spouse.

About Dhow Cruise

The dhow is a reflection of Dubai’s cultural heritage. These boats were used by Arabs to travel with goods to deliver to merchants of the erstwhile Dubai. The fishing settlement and sandy deserts the city was known for in the past have moved on to what we now know of it as a lively, multicultural developed city. All Dhows have an upper deck which is partly open for you to get a mesmerizing view of the exquisiteness of the city’s skyline at dusk. The lower deck is decorated to replicate the values of ancient Bedouin is fully air-conditioned.

Expectations of Dhow Cruise

The Dhow Cruise takes place in the Dubai Creek which is a body of water between Bur Dubai and Deira. The cruise will navigate past the marvelous skyscrapers of Dubai on both sides. The cruise commences as the night creeps in. With the night lights, the serene sound of the water and a soothing breeze, you will be able to see the city in its full glory. This would be a sight to witness.


International BBQ buffet dinner

Apart from the beauty of the city, you get an amazing gourmet experience. Staff members are extremely hospitable as they greet you with a welcome drink. This is then followed by a whole range of delicious and mouth-watering varieties of Arabic food and intercontinental varieties of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes suitable for everyone’s taste buds. Later you can have a taste of Arabic coffee or tea after the meal, giving you one of the best Dhow Cruise dinner deals in Dubai.

Celebrations & Artistic shows

You can celebrate your ideal honeymoon aboard the Dhow Cruise, as it creates the perfect ambiance for a romantic dinner accompanied by light music and an opportunity for you to shake your legs. This is also followed by several artistic shows such as Tanura dance, magic shows, belly dancing, and other traditional Arabian performances by qualified professionals.

Additional information

Some of the tour operators offer complimentary pick-up and drop off at your residence. Dinner packages cater to both vegetarians and non-vegetarians equally at the best industry rates. The Dhow Cruise usually lasts two hours, so you have enough time to drink, dine, dance, appreciate the superb sights, plus relax with your loved one too. There are separate washrooms for both men and women on the Dhow. Although the Dhow Cruise is very safe, to add extra safety during the trip in case of any problem, it is always equipped with medical emergency first aid kit, life jackets, fire safety equipment, etc.

Cannot miss in Dubai

No matter if you are in Dubai for your honeymoon or vacationing here with your friends and family, your itinerary cannot be complete without making a visit to Dubai Creek or going on a Dhow Cruise. No traveler to Dubai should miss out on such an opportunity to get engrossed to beautiful views. It is the best way to relax with your partner and take away all your stress from home. It is the best way to feel the other side of the loveliness of Dubai. You would surely want something great to tell your loved ones back home about a great Dhow Cruise package you had.

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