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Six Sigma is a methodology for process and tool management. It has become a global phenomenon after it was developed in 1986, with companies and individuals using this methodology to improve their operational efficiency. With Six Sigma training one can greatly improve their leadership capabilities and showcase the ability to improve business processes.

The combination of the Lean method and Six Sigma training will eliminate errors in processes while identifying those needless steps that consume effort and resources. Both these methodologies are applicable in all business fronts like IT, finance, manufacturing, healthcare, and more. The most important use of Lean and Six Sigma is customer satisfaction and cost efficiency in production, which means more productivity and revenue growth.

Lean Sigma Six is curated to enable an individual to gain leadership and business acumen skills. It’s analytic and process skills will improve an individual’s leadership skills. Not to mention getting certified with Lean Six Sigma, one can rise above the competition and will increase the weight of the resume.

Six Sigma Certification

There are three levels of Six Sigma certification: Yellow, Green, and Black. It is not necessary to get certified in all three levels and individuals can choose the level that is most appropriate for their career objectives.

Six Sigma Yellow Belt is an introductory course. It is an ideal course to take for understanding the basics of Six Sigma. People who are dealing with limited improvement projects can take up this course and will benefit from it.

Six Sigma Green belt is ideal for those who are part of the Management team. It is ideal training for data collection and analysis for improving project quality. Sigma Green Belt certification will allow an individual to proficiently implement Lean Sigma Six.

Six Sigma Black Belt is for the leaders of an organization. Having Six Sigma Black Belt certification showcases that one is well aware of the different aspects of Lean Six Sigma.

Of the above three levels of Six Sigma Certification, it is the Green Belt certification which is the most productive and important. While the Black Belt Certification is good to have and will allow an individual to be ahead of their peers, the Green belt is the one that will add value to an organization. Green Belt certification is for the doers of an organization, they are the ones who will make the most improvement work at the production level.

Along with Yellow belt certification which provides an introduction to what Six Sigma is all about, the Green Belt certification will provide improvement skills which need to be constantly practiced or else one will forget the skill they earned through a lot of hard work.

Some of the benefits of getting Lean Six Sigma certification are:

Practical Improvement Projects: Anyone getting a Six Sigma Certification training will have to complete a few Improvement Projects during the period of training. These projects will be real-life skill training that will greatly improve an individual’s problem-solving skills that they can implement once they go out in the real world. This course will also ensure that the benefit to your business is far greater than the overall cost of the course. This suggests that you can easily earn twice as much from getting certified than from non-certified training.

Helps improve your customer experience: One of the best skills a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certified person will get is how to improve and eliminate steps that put a damper on customer experience. It is seen that higher quality, low cost, and more sales all stem from the excellent customer experience. A certificate course on Green belt allows an individual to look from the customer’s point of view to better understand what works and what doesn’t. Reducing the possibility of failure means that customers will be less induced to attempt contact and seamless delivery will always lead to customer satisfaction.

Work towards employee development: Investing in your employee’s future is like investing in the future of your company. Giving them access to such training will lead to better employee engagement because you are investing in the betterment of your employees’ career and professional skill development. Going through such a training process will allow your staff to better understand how the business works in the company they work in. Such training will also help them understand the role each department plays in a company and how the different sections of a company work together in the production of the products and services.

Low cost: One of the key focuses of Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification is how to lower the cost and increase profitability through sales. It is an easy metric to calculate how the reduced cost of a project will ensure benefits in sales. A lot of companies incurring loss and have enabled its employees to get Six Sigma certification has seen an increase in their profits.

Improvement in sales: Lean Six Sigma is not just about reducing costs but also about how sales can be increased. Six Sigma certified employees can easily assess the current performance of a company and identify how the performance of a company can be improved by looking at Marketing, Sales and Retention processes. Increasing sales is one of the best features of Six Sigma and having knowledge of it can increase sales from 10% to 30%.

Stay ahead of your competitors: With Six Sigma Green belt certification, an employee can apply such knowledge in advertising and sales pitches for improving the performance of a company as well. Six Sigma enables the accumulation of information through investigation and such a decision-making process will not be complex since training on such a process will provide employees with appropriate skills and confidence.

An organization is as strong as its employees. With a skilled and confident workforce, an organization is sure to succeed. With an exclusive training and certification course like the one discussed, at hand, it will be a disservice to individuals looking to improve their performance as well as for organization to miss out on the opportunity.

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