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You Don’t Have To Spend Hundreds Of Dollars On Decorations!
You don’t have to spend your precious resources on Christmas decorations to deck your whole house out in festive Christmas ornaments. You do have to be creative if you don’t have a budget. Money is one reason many are stressed over the Christmas holiday, but you can cut costs.

In this writing, we’ll briefly cover a few different ways you can make your home filled-to-bursting with seasonal cheer, and increase your budget for presents simultaneously through avoiding unnecessary costs.

  1. Ask Friends And Family For Unwanted Decorations
    You’ve got an aunt, uncle, cousin, grandparent, sister, or brother who has decorations they want to get rid of. This is virtually guaranteed unless you have no known living family. In that case, you should go to your local community and ask around. If you’re part of a church body, they’ve definitely got some old ornaments they haven’t got any use for anymore.

Ask those with whom you’ve got a relationship whether they’ve got any Christmas ornaments. You can also check with groups like the salvation army. Oftentimes charitable organizations offer discounted decorations, or may even give them out for free.

  1. Cut Down Your Own Christmas Tree
    Buying a Christmas tree isn’t necessary. Now you’ve got to be careful here—look up local laws. Sometimes you’ve got to get a permit to cut down a tree, and that can be costly. You know what’s not costly, though? Asking a neighbor or friend with land whether they’d mind letting you cut down a small tree at the edge of their property.
  2. Drawings, Stickers, And Room Accessorizing
    You can take a piece of paper, fold it up, cut it up, and have a fine snowflake. Take that paper and color it appropriately to draw attention to it; or, use discarded wrapping paper for a fine array of differing hues. You can also draw things, and use stickers either home-made or otherwise. Anybody can make a drawing, or add stickers to kitchen cabinets. And it’s free.
  3. Color-Coded Decor To Match The Season
    What sort of tablecloth, pillowcases, flowers, or dining ware do you have? Find those options that have colors that are appropriate to the season. Set tables with place settings that are green and red. Likely enough, you’ve got some. If not, you can make some, or get some donated options from varying places.

If you don’t have them this year, look for sales or liquidation options in January of 2020. Also, don’t neglect to ask relatives for their donations as well. There are always going to be those in your family trying to get rid of something. Oftentimes they’ll just throw it away if you don’t talk to them beforehand. Their trash is your decorative yuletide treasure.

  1. Growing Your Own Poinsettias
    In temperate regions, you can plant poinsettia seeds in the ground. Perennial plants will bloom annually and get bigger each year. Plant a bunch of them and harvest them appropriately for Christmas. You can re-pot them inside your own home so they remain healthy and in bloom during Christmas. Here’s a handy guide to growing poinsettias.

If you’re in a less temperate climate, you’ll want to grow them indoors. How do you get the plant? Again, look for donation options, and be willing to ask. You might be able to find them for free growing in the wild, or in some shopping center somewhere, but you’d do better to ask. During the Christmas season, giving is natural, and you’ll likely find the flowers given to you.

A Jollier Christmas And A Full Wallet
Christmastime can be quite stressful for those who don’t have the funds they would like. However, you can save a few hundred dollars if you’re savvy. Ask your relatives and friends if they’ve got old decorations they can’t use, or don’t want anymore. Ask local institutions as well, and look into groups like the salvation army.

Additionally, grow your own poinsettias, match your interior décor to reflect the season in terms of color, make your own decorations, draw pictures, stick up stickers, and cut down your own Christmas tree. All these things will cost you nothing, or next to nothing, and could potentially free up your budget either for more Christmas presents. Either way you’ll save.

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