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Freight forwarding is one of the utmost common methods of international transport, not only for business but for personal use, too. Freight forwarding companies such as the International Logistic Center are in charge of organizing the transport of goods between two destinations. They use several carriers, including air freight companies in Dubai, road freight, sea freight companies in Dubai and sometimes railway freight, for this reason. Freight forwarding may seem like a deceptive operation, but the below thirteen facts about freight forwarding you must know to aid you in the process.

1. What is a freight forwarder?

Freight forwarders ship goods between two destinations and manage the entire process from storing the items to exporting them internationally. Freight forwarders are intermediaries between shippers and transportation services, working with a variety of carriers to find the most cost-effective, efficient and fastest route possible.

2. Free from the hassle.

Freight forwarders take the stress and hassle out of the import and export of products. They are extremely experienced in all the supply chain aspects and can support at all levels. From the stages of storage and warehouse to handling the customs process.

3. They provide a range of services.

Freight forwarders provide a range of services and can help at multiple levels with the entire supply chain cycle including:

  • Customs
  • Documentation for international exports and imports
  • Insurance
  • Packaging
  • Storing goods
  • Inventory management

4. It can benefit your business.

 Your business will benefit greatly from using a freight forwarding company to transport goods to your customers and they will use their vast knowledge and expertise to make sure your products arrive on time at their final destination and negotiate the best deals allowing you to save money in the process.

5. They cannot control shipping delays.

Although it is frustrating when the delivery phase delays your products, your shipping company in Dubai is not liable for those hold-ups. Shipping delays can occur due to bad weather, breakdowns, port delays or unexpected route changes. Your freight forwarding service will work to solve the problem as soon as possible so that your goods reach their final destination.

6. You should build a relationship with your freight forwarder.

Your freight forwarding company is responsible for ensuring that your precious cargo meets its destination safely, and maintaining a good partnership with them is definitely beneficial. When selecting a freight forwarding company, you want to make sure you can rely on them and trust them. Working with a company with excellent customer service is always advisable to ensure you get updates on your goods throughout the shipping process, giving you peace of mind.

7. Up-to-date paperwork is essential.

It is your responsibility to make sure you have accomplished all the documentation before turning it over to the freight forwarder to ship your items. It is an important step in the process of reducing the risk that your goods will be kept in customs or the bank will not release your funds. If you’re not completely sure which documentation needs to be completed, your freight forwarding company will assist with this.

8. Certain products are restricted.

When it comes to international shipping of merchandise, freight forwarders must comply with strict regulations and cannot ship certain products and substances. This is particularly prevalent for air and sea freight and the list of prohibited items can differ by destination. Freight forwarders are generally limited to:

  • Dangerous goods (including toxic goods and flammable liquid)
  • Drugs (both recreational and prescription)
  • Alcohol
  • Batteries
  • Perishable goods (depending on the delivery type)
  • Sharp objects

9. Ask about extra services.

 Your freight forwarding company may provide additional services, so when receiving a quote, it is advisable to find out about those. Such additional services differ, which usually include; warehouse storage, cargo insurance, cargo tracking, and dangerous materials handling.

10. There are six main steps in freight forwarding.

Although the freight forwarding process might be complicated, the entire process can be broken down into six key steps including:

  • Export haulage
  • Export customs clearance
  • Origin handling
  • Import customs clearance
  • Destination handling
  • Import haulage

11. You should be provided with a range of documents.

 Freight forwarding requires a considerable amount of research. All the necessary documentation will be given to you by your freight forwarder including:

  • Commercial invoices
  • Bill of Lading contract
  • Inspection certificates
  • Export license
  • Shippers export declaration documents
  • Export packing list
  • Certificate of origin statement

12. A strong network is essential.

When picking a freight forwarder, it is best to go with freight companies in Dubai that are well-established with a good communication network where you will be able to receive the best quote for delivering your products as well as ensuring that they reach their destination promptly.

13. Choose a specialist freight forwarder.

Many freight forwarders have experience in dealing with a variety of goods but some companies are skilled in specific types of cargo. Finding shipping companies in Dubai that deals with your kind of merchandise would be helpful. Not only will they be experienced in working with your cargo type, but they will also have onboard a team of specialists who are used to managing cargo similar to yours.


Lots of work is needed in finding the right freight companies in Dubai. Your selected company must guarantee that your products arrive at their final destination in the most efficient and affordable way possible.

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