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There are different aspects that go into ensuring the success of a business. One of the integral elements is ensuring that you have a robust marketing strategy. However, due to the changing landscape in technology, you should always ensure to use up-to-date digital marketing strategies.


But how can you successfully determine which digital marketing strategy is efficient? At one time, Search Engine Optimization, voice search engine optimization (VSEO), artificial intelligence were the most effective ways to market your business or product. Today, these strategies are still the most effective for a vast majority of business owners. They are as well expected to play an integral role in 2020’s marketing scene.


After all, if you have any intention of ensuring that your business remains competitive in 2020, you should adapt to the versatility of the changing dynamics in the marketing strategies.


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So, which marketing strategies should you use in Indonesia in 2020? This article will spell out in detail all the concepts you need to grasp in a bid to make your marketing campaign successful. Hopefully, they will go a long way in not only ensuring that your business remains afloat, but successful as well.


Artificial Intelligence


If you’ve been in the marketing arena for quite some time, you probably have heard about artificial intelligence (AI). Although this technique has been used numerous times, you can expect it to dominate the digital marketing scene in 2020 as well.


As much as this technique has replaced humans in many businesses globally, you can remain assured that it will sure remain to be an important technique in business marketing in 2020.

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In fact, a number of big businesses have already embraced artificial intelligence in their day to day marketing of their business. Uber and Microsoft are some of the few businesses that have actively embraced this technique in their marketing campaigns. You can also utilize this technique for your marketing campaigns in Indonesia.


Programmatic Advertising


Pragmatic advertising is a fairly new technique that has so far taken the digital marketing scene by a storm. Even so, this is not a new technique as it may sound.


Basically, pragmatic advertising is a digital technique that is an improvement of artificial intelligence in marketing. What it does is that it automates the process of buying ada for a marketing campaign. Because the entire process is automated, it makes it easier for you to get a more specific audience to view what you are marketing.


With such automation in your marketing sleeves, you stand to run a more efficient marketing campaign with lowered customer acquisition rates and an overall increased conversion rate.


With the rate at which this technique is changing the digital marketing landscape, experts predict that close to 82% of all digital ads marketed globally alone will be run by pragmatic advertising by the end of 2020.




One of the best and innovative techniques that saw businesses successfully market their brands in 2019 was the use of chatbots. They are expected to play an integral role in digital marketing in 2020 as well.


But what is a chatbot? As much as this technique was widely used in 2019, it’s apparent that a vast majority of business owners have the faintest idea of what this tool is. In a nutshell, a chatbot is a revolutionary technology that is created based on the artificial intelligence system of automatic messaging. This means that your clients are able to chat with a not on real-time basis, night or day, and get the information required.


With such capabilities, chatbots have seen businesses embrace it with an increased efficiency on customer support and an overall reduced cost and effort of marketing a brand. It is only expected that more businesses will continue using this tech marvel in 2020 to bolster their marketing campaigns.




With more and more businesses coming up, it goes without saying that the playing field has become even more competitive. In order to remain relevant and stand out in 2020, it’s of utmost importance to employ new techniques in your marketing campaigns.


While you can use a number of techniques to ensure that your marketing campaign is a success, its is undoubtedly important to first of all ensure that you personalise all your content. This includes your products, marketing content and even emails among others.


According to recent statistics, about 90% of consumers found out that personalised campaigns are more appealing. At the same time, 80% of the same consumers acknowledged that they would repeatedly do business or buy products from a business with a personalised marketing technique.


If these statistics are anything to go by, personalised marketing campaigns are set to take the center stage in 2020 among consumers and businesses alike.


There are different examples of companies that utilize this technique today to power their marketing campaigns.


Perhaps the most noticeable are Amazon and Netflix, who tailor each and every marketing product they pit out there to emulate their personalized nature. Whether it is the products marketed by Amazon or Movie titles by Netflix, you will always find a personalized aspect in each campaign.


By personalizing your content to fit the exact nature of your business, you will be involving your customers to be part of your business. This way, it will be much easier for you to convert the potential customers into actual customers.


Video Marketing


While most marketing techniques come and go, video marketing has remained to be a  relevant way to market your business. It is expected to not only play an integral role in marketing in 2020, but for the coming 5 to 10 years as well.


The best thing about incorporating a video into your content is that apart from being entertaining, viewers are able to share it with ease. This way, you will be guaranteed to reach a wider audience, which you can easily convert to sales.

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