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Beautiful Halloween Wedding Ideas

Is your wedding coming up during the Halloween celebrations and would you like a theme to match? Or do you feel like you want to have an outstanding wedding idea during any other time of the year? There are several spooky and beautiful Halloween wedding ideas you can try out. 

From your wedding gown to the getaway car, there’s so much you can do to tie the theme into your wedding. If you’re a Halloween superfan, you can go all the way to incorporate inky hues, cobwebs, vines, and pumpkins for a spooky touch.

However, you don’t have to go overboard if that’s not your style. You can still use subtle ideas to be in line with the theme. Start off with these great ideas.

  1. Wedding Attire

When it comes to your gown and your groom’s outfit, experiment with deep colors and antique embellishments. These will go a long way in pulling out a moody and gothic feel.  It might be quite a challenge to lay your hands on a specifically Halloween-themed wedding dress. 

Work with wedding dress experts like Azazie. They can help you add simple accents that can turn an ordinary gown to a Halloween-themed one. Some ideas include dark-hued sash cinched at the waist with an embellished brooch. 

If you wish to coordinate your attire with your spouse’s, consider borrowing ideas from the Black Panther, Baywatch, Riverdale, Game of Thrones, or star walls. You can keep it as simple as possible by going for a black wedding gown.

  1. Dramatic Makeup

Apart from the wedding attire, you’ll also need to complete the Halloween look using some spooky makeup. Some ideas are darker smokey eyes or deep plum lip color. Choose the area to highlight as too much color could ruin the whole idea. 

Alternatively, you could use full-face paint. A good idea is to paint your face like a zombie. In this case, you’ll avoid using your regular concealer or foundation application. You need to take full advantage of your natural skin. 

The face makeup should be all white. Go for a product that is specifically designed for your face. This will prevent your face from breaking out after a few hours of wear. 

If face-painting sounds like too much work, go for a face mask. The market is full of many mask products that you can choose from. Among them is the bubble mask that is a favorite of many. You may also combine special-effects makeup, black-out contacts, and fake blood. 

  1. Wedding Venue Décor

You can’t exhaust all the available Halloween wedding ideas for decoration. For example, consider covering the tables in spindly black lace. Luxe black linens in heavy velvet are also good options for accessorizing a few spaces in the venue. 

Make the entrance to the dance floor a little eerie. This you can quickly achieve by shining a few spider webs on it.

If you’re looking for the best props for your Halloween wedding, you’ve got to have pumpkins. Whether you deck the entrance to the venue, the tables, or the dance floor, pumpkins easily pull off the Halloween idea. For more elegance, go with the white version or have them painted according to your color scheme.  

Final Thoughts

If you’re a Halloween fan, you might want to plan your wedding around it. It’ll allow you to be spooky with your planning and also with the wedding theme. Halloween wedding ideas are diverse. 

With the help of wedding experts, you can pull off some stunning ideas. Right from the wedding outfit to the reception décor, Halloween ideas are in plenty.

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