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Instagram was introduced to the world in the year 2010 and it has never been looking back since then. It is true that Instagram was considered to be a visual platform primarily, however, as years passed, this equation started to change. Instagram is currently the second most engaging social media platform after the huge social media giant, Facebook. Marketers have started to realize the potential of Instagram and they are constantly devising new Instagram marketing strategies so that they can ensure the growth of their brand as well as gain more customers. Instagram also has 75% of users, who are aged between 18 to 24, as stated by, and this is what is responsible for making Instagram the ideal place for marketing any and every business.

Consider the Instagram strategies that have been mentioned below so that you can gain success when marketing your brand.

Optimize the Instagram account

You need to know that the best brand on Instagram has a beautiful bio, a profile picture that the customers can relate to, and most importantly, a website link, which is directly going to take customers to the homepage of that particular brand. Therefore, when you are setting up your Instagram account, these are the three things that you cannot miss considering.

Also, these are the things that your potential customers are going to look at and decide whether or not they should follow you. As a responsible brand, it is your responsibility to make the Instagram bio descriptive and compelling, so that the potential customers end up hitting the follow button.

Follow relevant accounts

You need to consider the kinds of brands as well as media companies who belong to the same niche as your business. You have to understand whether they are already on Instagram and if they are, you need to ensure that you are following them. It is also a good idea to interact with the posts by liking or even leaving comments. There is a high chance that these accounts are going to follow you back and hence, you can start gaining more followers, who are interested in going through the products or services that you offer.

Getting shoutouts

If you are on Instagram already, you definitely know the power that influencers have. Influencer marketing has started growing and it has been observed that people purchase only those products that are suggested by any particular influencer. It is crucial that you conduct research on the influencers who belong to your niche and you also need to ensure that they have a huge following. Contact them and there is a chance that your brand is going to get a shoutout. This will ensure that you get more followers. You can also acquire free Instagram likes by posting unique videos.

Share posts regularly on Instagram

It is suggested that you maintain consistency when you are posting on Instagram so that your brand remains relevant. If you abstain from posting regularly, people are going to think that there is something wrong with your brand, and they will start losing interest in you. This is why you need to post almost on a regular basis, without overwhelming the audience.


The competition among the brands has started increasing on Instagram. You need to make sure that you are considering the strategies that have been mentioned above so that you can beat your competition.

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Kristen Smith is a leading blog writer and content marketing professional with thousands of free Instagram likes for her postings.

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