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Data Science Career in 2021

What Is Data Science?

Data Science is an interdisciplinary field that uses advanced ML and AI algorithms and systems to extract insights from structured and unstructured data and apply them across multiple domains using R and Python as coding languages.

How The World Is Looking Towards Data Science

Many people indeed want to get into data science, build their career in it. But it’s not everyone’s cup of tea unless you’re passionate about data and data science. So the world has tremendous respect for data science, and even Harvard Business Review named it the sexiest job profile of the 21st century. This statement from them has turned the world upside-down.

Data is the new oil to run any business, and there are lots of opportunities everywhere. The early you get into it, your future seems more secure there. So starting your career is never too late in this industry, and everyone who starts their job taking proper guidance holds a rewarding career for the lifetime. It is how the world sees the data science domain; if you have in your mind building your career in data science, you shouldn’t give a second thought to it.

Skills To Hone To Become A Data Scientist

Data Manipulation and Analysis

Do you know what separates a great project from the normal one? It’s data wrangling and analysis. These processes clean the data and process them into a better format. Although it’s a tedious process, it makes the data cleaning process super easy. Some of the best applications are missing value imputation, outliers treatment, selecting data types, along scaling and transformation.

Model Deployment

A large number of data scientists lack experience in machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques. It includes neural networks, reinforcement learning, adversarial learning, etc. Thus, if you want to stand out as a data scientist, you must hone your supervised learning skills, decision trees,regression analysis, etc. It will help you to solve various data science problems based on predictions.

Data science involves working with large amounts of data sets, and you may want to be familiar with Machine learning as ML and Kaggle are an integral part of data science. It makes data science easy and gives competent advanced machine learning skills such as recommendation engines, reinforcement learning, survival analysis, adversarial learning, outlier detection, etc. 

Communication and Storytelling Skills

Once your business starts collecting data and figures, the next essential step is to extract value from it. Your data may contain potential values for your business, but they are all unnoticed unless you go through them and find the hidden patterns that get translated into business outcomes.

You got the data and figures crucial for your business, but how would you communicate? Others will never understand seeing those numbers and statistics. It would be best if you had a language to make people understand. There come communication and storytelling to make your data more effective and share your collected data with your managers, clients, and the world. It is how communication and storytelling play. There, you play a crucial role in data science.

It’s always numbers and figures that have some critical story to tell. Therefore data visualizations play a crucial role in better understanding and decision making. They rely on you solely so that you give a unique voice to them, and that becomes the following headline and storytelling for your business. Therefore, data storytelling is a structured approach to communicate with the data insights, as it’s a combination of three key components: data, visuals, and narration.

Mathematics and Statistics Skills

Mathematics is a critical element of almost everything since today’s world and business run on data. The more you gain expertise, your analytics skills increase, and you get paid for it massively. So to lead this ocean of businesses, you need to hone the game of numbers, aka mathematics and statistics.

It’s apparent that you need other skills like programming, analytical and logical thinking, but always remember that numbers are game-changers. They can turn upside down at any moment at any time, so mastering them is also crucial, and they never get a bounce on you. The vital part of mathematics: probability and statistics. You already know them since your school and intermediate days. Now you need the right approach and some top-notch practices to hone them. That’s all.

Tools To Mastered To Become A Data Scientist


MySQL stands for the structured query language, which is a relational database management system based on SQL for storing data. It has multiple purposes: data warehousing, e-commerce data, and logging applications primely for web databases. Its principal open sources and freely available for download, with extensive community support to help you throughout whenever you get stuck in the middle in the data processing. 

Tableau and PowerBi

Tableau and PowerBi are the most crucial tools for data visualization. Even though data has many shades, they make you understand various insights on visual form data and that too in the minimum time. Therefore, data scientists rely most on these data visualization tools to make better decision-making while taking calculated risks.

These tools help you understand the dependencies between the predictor variables. It can connect multiple databases and help you to find correlations and hidden patterns.

ML and AI

Without ML and AI, data science is hard to utilize. In other words, machine learning and artificial intelligence make data science robust and the sexiest technology of the 21st century with automation and advanced algorithms.

You can use advanced clustering algorithms, regression techniques, time series analysis, etc. For better and effective decision-making, add automation to various processes and get insights based on similarities and recommendation engines. These two technologies are the powerhouse that makes data science super easy.

R and Python Programming

To become a master in data science, you need to master the programming languages and proper uses of their libraries. Though R is best for statistical analysis, Python comes with multiple advanced ML and AI-Powered libraries and algorithms. Even both are easy to learn and implement right from scratch while you go to the advanced level.

Therefore, the experts highly recommend mastering both the programming languages for a smooth and buttery journey and have a rewarding career in data-driven technology.


SAS stands for Statistical Analysis System. Its main applications are data management, advanced analytics, multivariate analysis, predictive analytics, business intelligence, etc. SAS can mine, retrieve, manage, change data from various sources and perform statistical analysis based on graphical ways. It is even easy for non-technical users who have little knowledge of the SAS language.

The best part about SAS is the data can get published on multiple platforms like HTML, PDF, Excel, and various other formats. It generates code to manipulate the data automatically and automatically perform statistical analysis where you do not have to code further and have a good experience using the platforms.

Building Your Resume and Cover Letters That Will Suit Your Profile The Best

Once you complete your course, building your resume and cover letter is a top-notch task again. You want your profile to get highlighted, and again at the same time, you even want to get noticed. Therefore, taking care of the first one will automatically take care of the second. Always make sure you add the best skills you have and hone them over time.

Once you do that, both you and your profile will get noticed, and you will get calls from the best companies and crack the interviews with sky-high salary packages. 

Project and Portfolio Management To Get Your Profile Highlighted

Many struggle to make their profile highlighted, but you get to work on your projects and show them as a portfolio. This way, you have many advantages, but the best two benefits are: your profile gets highlighted, and the second thing is your community increases. It shows you are experts, and when you help them, your brand value increases, being a helping hand to many upcoming data scientists.

Career and Job Opportunities in Data Science

Data scientists do a lot of research and play a key role in business analysis to make business more profitable as it comes with the combination of computer science, statistics, and mathematics. The various job profiles are data scientists, data analysts, data engineers, business intelligence analysts, and marketing analysts.

The average salary for data analysts in India starts with 5.12 lakhs per annum that include more than 50K bonuses and nearly 7K on a profit-sharing basis so that the final can go up to 10 LPA depending upon the experience, skills, locations, and position of the corporate in the world.

For data analysts with 5-9 years of experience goes nearly 10 LPA.

Wrapping Off

In this blog, you get to know how to build your data science career in 2021, right from the beginner’s level to mastery. You also learn about the various skills and tools you need to hone to become a data scientist and have a rewarding career. Along with the above, you also know about building your resume and cover letter, projects, and assignments to get your profile noticed so that you can land the best job in the market that pays the best packages according to the industry standards. And lastly, the career and job opportunities in 2021 and beyond, just after post-pandemic.

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