Thu. Feb 29th, 2024
4 Reasons Online Education Might Be For You

In the age of COVID-19, online education has become something of a necessity. The virus has forced us to practice social distancing, which means that many schools won’t be opening their doors this fall to avoid spreading the contagion. Online education offers many benefits, from greater flexibility to better pricing (in some cases) and the chance to attend a university out-of-state without leaving.

If you’re considering online education this year, we’ve put together this short list of four reasons why it may be the right choice for you. Whether you’re an introvert looking for a more private education or a working parent looking for something that fits your schedule, online education is your flexible, affordable option.

1. You’re A Working Parent

If you’re a parent, you know how hard it is to get anything done with the kiddos running around. They’ve been off of school for several months now, so you’ve likely got your hands full keeping them in line and keeping the household running. There’s no possibility of attending school now, unless it were flexible enough to meet your changing schedule.

Many parents choose online schooling because it offers greater flexibility as far as deadlines and they don’t have to leave the house at all. You can wait until the kids are asleep to do your schoolwork (if you’ve got any energy left) and you can take your virtual classes everywhere you go.

Online education still offers a quality experience, so you won’t have to be afraid that you’re missing out because you’re not there in-person. Many people finish their degrees and certifications entirely online and go on to fulfilling careers.

2. You’re An Introvert

For some, the thought of large classrooms, halls full of strangers, and chance encounters doesn’t exactly sound like a fun experience. The introverts of the world often choose online schooling for a more private education experience minus the large classrooms and strangers. There’s nothing wrong with this approach, as it’s much more difficult to learn in an environment you’re uncomfortable with, anyway.

Programs like pharmacy technician training at Ultimate Medical Academy offer quality education with the in-person experience you need for the job. Other than that, you’ll be completing your education completely online, free of classrooms and university halls.

You can also communicate with the staff entirely online as well. This means no stuffy office visits or long wait times! Online education is truly the introvert-friendly method for getting a degree, and it’s often more affordable than attending a physical university.

3. You Like To Work At Your Own Pace

Everyone learns differently, and not everyone is able to keep up with the fast-paced demands of a college setting. Some need to work at a slower pace, absorbing information and processing it a little longer to fully understand it.

Online education options often include “work at your own pace” programs, where you can finish the program in your own time. If you only want to study once per week or once per month, you can do so. This is the perfect opportunity for people who work long hours or who simply don’t want to spend the majority of their time in a classroom.

You’ll need to be careful with work at your own pace programs, however, because it can be easy to fall into bad habits and neglect your education. It’s important to set up a schedule for yourself if you’re in a work at your own pace program. A schedule will keep you focused and reduce the chances that you’ll abandon the pursuit.

4. You Don’t Like Any Schools Near You

Some students find that they don’t like any schools in their geographic area, but don’t want to move out of state. That’s the benefit of internet-based education; you can go anywhere without actually going anywhere. You’ll be able to attend an out of state institution without leaving the comfort and familiarity of home.

The schools in your area may be too expensive, lack the credentials you’re looking for, or simply don’t have a good reputation. Whatever the case may be, online education offers a unique opportunity to try out something farther away while still keeping you within arm’s reach of your hometown.


Online education is a flexible, affordable option for many students. There are many reasons to attend an online college, but these four cover a vast spectrum. Whether you’re an introvert, a working parent, or just looking for a more flexible option for your education, there are thousands of online education options available on the web. Many universities are introducing online programs in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, so you’ll likely find new programs emerging this coming school year from universities that didn’t previously offer online courses. The options are endless, and you’ll still get a high-quality education; minus the stuffy classrooms and packed halls of a university.

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