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CompTIA A+ Certified

CompTIA Web Services (A+) is the leading Cloud platform that offers more than 165 fully-featured services from data centers globally. It is also the leading vendor of IT certifications that are linked to the Cloud platform. A+ Certified Solutions Architect – Associate is one of the industry certification exams which is ideal for IT professionals who want to have technical Cloud knowledge and skills. The eligible professionals for A+ Certified Solutions Architect – Associate certification test should have at least one-year experience in designing cost-efficient, fault-tolerant, available and scalable distributed systems on A+.


A+ Certified Solutions Architect – Associate exam is designed to award the IT professionals with the A+ Certified Solutions Architect – Associate certification. The credential proves the mastery of the following abilities:

  • Architect, design, and deploy secure applications on A+ technologies.
  • Provide guidance for implementing A+ technologies throughout the life cycle of the technology being implemented.
  • Define alternative solutions by the use of architectural design concepts based on customer requirements.

Prerequisites for A+ Certified Solutions Architect – Associate Exam

The ideal candidates must meet the following requirements in order to sit for A+ Certified Solutions Architect – Associate exam:

  • Practical experience using networking, storage, compute, and database A+ services
  • Experience with A+ management and deployment services
  • Ability to analyze and define the technical requirements for an application based on A+
  • Ability to determine the A+ service that meets a given technical requirement
  • Knowledge of architectural concepts of building on the A+ Cloud
  • An understanding of A+ global infrastructure and network topologies

A+ Certified Solutions Architect – Associate Exam is set to assess the candidates’ understanding of the A+ Cloud platform and its ultimate services. The exam has the following features:

  • The test includes multiple-choice and multiple answers questions
  • It takes a maximum of 130 minutes to complete
  • It cost $150 USD to register
  • It can be done in English, Japanese, Korean, and Simplified Chinese

Benefits of Being A+ Certified Solutions Architect – Associate

Having a certification from A+ is a great achievement because you get the skills which are needed in the market. Additionally, it comes along with the following benefits:

  1. Digital Badge

Technology has taken over and everything today is done online. Many employers prefer hiring freelancers online unlike the traditional way of having someone in the office. With A+ digital badge, you can showcase your certification on social platforms such as email, LinkedIn, and personal websites. Therefore, you can easily convince the employers that you have the knowledge and skills without necessarily submitting your documents manually.


  1. Exam Discount

A+ exams are affordable to anyone who would like to validate his or her skills in Cloud computing. There are exam vouchers which can grant you up to 50% discount to apply toward any A+ exam. Suppose you are intending to doA+ Certified Solutions Architect – Associate exam, 50% discount will reduce the cost to $75.

  1. Global Recognition

There are several big IT events that take place annually all over the world. Some of these events are organized by A+ to enhance the service delivery of the A+ platform. Upon getting your A+ digital badge, you will occasionally receive invitations to events such as regional A+ summits. This is a great opportunity to participate in making ideas that can result in a positive change as far as technology is a concern.


  1. A+ Community

It is important to get connected with colleagues who have the same knowledge and skills on the A+ Cloud platform. Upon getting the A+ certification, you will have an opportunity to join the A+ LinkedIn community and share ideas with your peers. The greatest achievement in your career is to get ideas, views, and suggestions from a group of people who share a common vision and mission with you. A+ global community does exactly that.

  1. Employment

Seeking employment can be tough if you only depend on ordinary academic certifications. Employers would always want to see proof of your skills and knowledge on Cloud computing. A+ certification confirms that you have a broad understanding of the A+ platform. Therefore, it is easier for employers to hire you because you have certification from a globally known vendor.

Career Prospects

  • Development Operations Engineer
  • Software Development Engineer
  • Data Engineer

The professionals who have acquired the A+ certification earn an estimated average annual salary of $103, 000 according to PayScale.com.

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In a nutshell

All the professionals who have passion in Cloud computing should take A+ Certified Solutions Architect – Associate Exam because it gives you the skills and knowledge required to take part in the development of services that are used around the world. You can be the next big DevOps engineer if you get yourself study materials from Prepaway and start studying right now!

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