Wed. Jan 31st, 2024

Can you tell me a story about how your gambling journey started? Apparently, you remember it as a bright flare of new emotions and excitement. Maybe it began after a captivated click on the ad somewhere you already don’t remember. Or it could be tricky advice from your friend.

In my case, acquaintance with gaming sites started at work. I’ve never had interest in this kind of activity, but I got involved. My colleague used to talk about sports betting and everyday winnings. So, I made up my mind to try my hand at games. Just for fun. My first visit point was JackpotCity Casino. Once I saw the casino page, I was literally hit by the colors and shine. I’d say I was impressed. At a blink I saw the huge $1600 bonus and games for me ahead. At that moment I caught myself: I needed to try those out. Now, after a couple of years of light gambling, I sit and think “Thankfully I haven’t got obsessed”.

There are so many features that online casinos implement for attraction of new players. Even the colors of the best gaming sites prompt a desire to play. But the truth is that online casinos push all buttons at a time. They literally make players join leaving no chance for “think and come back”. It’s compared to the appetite feeling that emerges from Mc hamburgers. You want it all right now because you need that taste in your mouth. The same for online casinos. You’ve got to play because your mind tells you to.

The first button that online casinos push is visual impact. Our eyes are the first information receptors. And the most catchy thing for eyes is something shiny and bright. Your eyes just can’t pass by without looking at the highlights. And the gaming sites know it. For this reason, their design functions as an attention captivator.

The games are the second button. Various, again bright, entertaining and challenging at the same time, they just call for playing. Being a kid, you used to play computer games with a special attitude. Now you feel like playing because you want to have the same easygoing relaxing time. Again online casinos know your wish and give you what you want.

Bonuses. I don’t know a single person who wouldn’t like to get bonuses, especially for free. In each aspect of our life, bonus is an attractive thing we buy into when we interact with means of commerce. Every store, every firm gives a discount or present just to make us spend the money. Online casinos are not the exclusion. They offer big cash bonuses, free games tryouts, points for exchange and everything their minds can think over. And we fall for it because we’re convinced: although we pay a lot, we’re still in advantage.

The fourth feature works almost similarly to the bonuses. It’s a loyalty program. There are just a few online casinos that don’t suggest you join their VIP club. Though it may seem like a costly affair, you can’t deny you want it. Everyone wants to be treated as a king. The VIPs get the best service, fast support and payouts, and much more including even specialized meetings in luxurious places. The fact is it’s not so expensive because after contributing a bit more than usual you get more bonuses (button 3) and appropriate service. It’s worth it.

Finally, we’re coming to the last button. However, it’s not the weakest. Vice versa, it’s the strongest, the mightiest, the most powerful thing that leads the casino site visitors to become new players. This is easy money. Truly, money manages the whole world. It’s something every person does everyday routine for: wakes up early, drives a car, works, again sets alarm. Having money you can get everything you dream of: visual good look, freedom, gifts, VIP treatment. Online casinos have taken the highest responsibility providing money for simple games. They manage money, and money manages you.

Online gambling sites seem so right, they participate in anti-addiction programs and provide terms to clarify that it’s your own risk in case of losing. Though the harsh truth is they manipulate players with such easy but influential buttons. Online casinos would not be that attractive with at least one point lacking. If you start to get involved into the gambling world, go on but try to see the truth and play responsibly.

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