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Solitaire, having been around for a while now, continues to remain a favourite indoor game for many individuals. Its popularity was particularly increased by Microsoft, who made this game available on its PCs in 1990. Interestingly enough, this was mainly to teach their users how to familiarize themselves with the mouse, owing to the similarities between controlling the cursor and dragging the Solitaire cards. Another explanation for the popularity of this card game is the variety of options available. For example site , the largest Solitaire collection has about 499 variations. However, the actual number is probably higher. So, keep reading this post to find out more details about the modern Solitaire game variations. 

  1. Klondike

This is the game that most people refer to when they mention classic Solitaire. Such a game comes free on Microsoft OS computers and remains the most popular to date. While it may not be the best version of Solitaire, Klondike is always considered to be the foundation for Solitaire card games and the perfect starting point for beginners. Its typical version consists of a 52-card deck and is called “Patience” in the UK and spread to North America through Canada during the gold rush beginning 1896 in Klondike. Now you know where it gets the name! Right?

  1. FreeCell

Another variation popularized by Microsoft through its free entertainment package on its PCs, FreeCell Solitaire is unique in many ways. The cards here are placed face up and there are 4 free spots for reserving cards. It has the lowest percentage of unsolvable games among the popular versions – around 0.0008%. In addition, unlike Klondike, FreeCell requires players to apply thought and strategy, making it a personal favourite for many enthusiasts visit

  1. Spider Solitaire

Yet another free Solitaire game available on Microsoft, which is the standard version of Solitaire and is a lot harder than the other options. Fortunately, its difficulty level can be adjusted to suit players of varied experience and age. As a rule, it comes in variations such as Spider One Suit and Spider Two Suit, where again, the level is easily adjusted by varying the suit and the number of decks from the standard 2. The cards end up in foundations in descending order, creating a pattern similar to that of a spider web, hence its name. 

  1. Tri-Peaks

An odd one out on our list by its absence on the Microsoft free entertainment pack, Tri-Peaks is a lesser-known variation of Solitaire online. It gets its name from its unique card layout, which may differ depending on the game and generally consists of 3 triangles with overlapping, face-down cards and one face-up card that eventually starts the talon pile. This game was developed in 1989 by Robert Hogue who established that the probability of a solution is 90%. 


While most of us play Solitaire in one or two favourite versions, it has limitless versions for online and offline gaming. From apps and browsers, a whole new rendition of your favourite card game could be just a mouse click away. We’ve merely glimpsed at the tip of a huge iceberg. So go ahead and explore! 

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