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To put it simply, the internet is a pretty magical place. If you think of a topic, chances are you can use a search engine algorithm to find it. From learning about the Chicago Police Department and criminal records to looking up prenatal guides for pregnant women, there is plenty of additional information you can find online. However, you probably already knew that. So what about some of the things you didn’t know you could do?

Get a degree

Whether you’re studying political science to learn more about congressional appropriation or are taking biomedical research and pharmacy classes, did you know that you can get an entire degree without ever stepping foot in a traditional classroom? While certain degree programs, like medical programs, will likely still require some form of in-person clinical experience, many others can be done from the comfort of your own home. Not interested in a medical degree? Maybe you want to learn about public records to become a police office or digital marketing to become a search results specialist? The possibilities are nearly endless.

Find an arrest record

While it may seem niche, there are dozens of reasons why you may want to find an arrest record or criminal records online. Maybe you need to access some of this sensitive information during a background search for a prospective employee. Maybe you want to look up your own name for fun. Whatever your reason, you can find hundreds of search results from a mugshot search or criminal records lookup. Just make sure you’re using a trusted web site. Often times, you’ll want to start with the official website of the county prosecutor, but there are also sites that let you look up mugshots, public records, and criminal records with little-to-no hassle.

Learn CPR

Alright, so you don’t want to get an entire medical degree, but you do want to learn a new skill. Why not try CPR? Having working knowledge of medical assistance is more important than you might think. In fact, many employers review medical assistance experience even if it seems initially unrelated to the task at hand. There are plenty of websites that teach about public health and medical assistance, but you may want to start with the official website of the American Heart Association to learn how to get started.

Become a search engine expert

Much of the American public is fairly unaware of the novel approaches that search engine optimization (SEO) specialists take to push their websites to the top. Have you ever wondered why certain search results appear in front of others? SEO specialists take keywords like “pregnant woman,” “text message,” “warranty,” or “police officer” and tailor the content of a web page to be the most relevant and engaging content about that topic as it can possibly be. Search engine algorithms then parse that content and determine which pages best suit which search queries. It’s a fascinating system and you can take advantage of it just like any professional at a digital marketing agency.

Travel back in time

Ever heard of the Wayback Machine? Think of it as the DeLorean of the internet. The Wayback Machine allows you to go through billions of archived webpages to see how the internet has grown over the years. For instance, you could look at the history of the Medicaid website to spot how it’s changed since it was first introduced. It’s a fun tool that can take you down an internet rabbit hole if you let it.

Of course, there is plenty more you can do on the internet. Mugshot lookups, public records, criminal records, and degree programs aren’t your only options. You only need to know where to look.

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