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Plano, Texas, is recognized as one of the most popular and safest US cities to live in. Without looking too far, it’s clear why this Lone Star city is also one of the most popular in the country. It boasts of excellent neighborhoods, headquarters to large corporations, and robust tourism. There are many reasons why people move to Plano, but there are a few things you should know before jumping on the bandwagon. From the city’s attractive schools to options for a rental furnished apartment, you’ll find all this and more in these five tips for moving to Plano, Tx.

1. Prepare for the Plano climate.


Although freezing weathers aren’t typical in Plano, the humidity is out of this world. So prepare to have big and frizzy hair. During the summer months, temperatures can go far into the 90s. However, it drops to about 50 and 60 during the day and 30 or 40 at night during winter.

The humid weather can make storing your car in Plano, Tx, a hassle, especially if you don’t have the luxury of a garage or covered parking space. However, you can do a quick online search to know if there’s a climate control storage facility nearby.

A climate control storage will help protect your car from heat and humidity. However, when choosing a vehicle storage space, ensure that the vehicle is situated in a convenient location for easy accessibility.

2. Choose your accommodation wisely.

The city of Plano has rich, culturally diverse neighborhoods that you can visit first before deciding on where to stay. For instance, Downtown Plano gives off the perfect blend of modern amenities and Old Texas main street, leaving your recreational options endless. This location is a favorite to many as it offers you open-ended activity options from outdoor movies to strolling around the farmers market on weekends. You can also visit local bistros that offer live music.

Regardless of where you choose to get accommodation (whether it’s a furnished or an unfurnished apartment), one thing you should keep in mind is the type of appliances you use at home. It’s helpful to know that you can get tax credits for using specific energy-efficient appliances. So, go ahead and save yourself some money by investing in sustainable devices.

3. Think about the various job opportunities.


Will you be looking for a job when you arrive, or do you work remotely? If you’ll be job searching, it’s good to know that over 80% of Plano’s residents troop into the city for business-related reasons. Besides the city’s safety and tourism, its robust market is one reason people flock to the town.

The good news is that young professionals find Plano to be a great location to start their careers because of the large corporations. Besides, regardless of the kind of job you’re after, there’s a high chance you’ll find the right fit here. Perhaps, this is why the average Plano household income is 60% above the average in other cities.

4. Learn about the city’s safety.

Understanding the city’s safety is vital. This way, you’ll know where to go and where to stay away from. The good news is that in 2011, Forbes recognized Plano as one of the safest American cities, and the residents will agree with them as Plano has a tremendous police force.

They’re well trained, with a minimum requirement of a 4-year degree for all recruits. Another attributed reason for Plano’s safety is its strong community of volunteers who don’t mind spending their time as neighborhood watchers and monitoring security cameras. So, Plano is a great option if you’re looking for a new place to raise your family without little to no security concerns.

5. Consider the various recreational activities.


If you have children, it’s a good idea to learn about all the recreational activities available in Plano. Luckily, the city offers something for everyone when it comes to entertainment. Starting from its most popular cultural events, including the Plano international festival and the Plano balloon festival, the city also boasts many parks and live performances. Texans love to sing and have their barbecues, so get your hat and sunshades ready; summer is always a thrill in this part of the country.

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