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Moldings are simple ways to accentuate your home’s interior, adding up the market value of your home.

They give a smooth transition from your wall to both your ceiling and floor. Installing moldings or trimmings in any space of your homes whether it’s traditional or modern gives a decorative element that can spice up and turn a simple space into a unique and beautiful architectural feature. 

Another good news is there are many options available in the market that are ready to install making it a good DIY project. However, there are copious types of molding forms existing.

Plenty of variations of which sometimes makes it difficult to differentiate one from the other. But worry not, for you can easily remember each design based on its specific purpose. 

We listed down below the different types of home moldings for you to discover and choose the right molding for you and your home. 

Crown Molding

Also known as cornice moldings, it is considered as the king or queen, whichever you prefer, of the home moldings. Located at gaps between the wall and the ceiling giving a smooth transition where the wall meets the ceilings. It gives an illusion of a higher ceiling by flaunting intricate silhouettes.

As the king or queen of moldings, there are also other different styles you could install as your crown moldings. A simple style is already enough but some homeowners would go for ornate ones to elevate more space. 

To give you more knowledge of the similarities and differences of crown moldings and to make your home fluffing or decorating more efficient and effective, we have gladly listed some of the different types of crown moldings that you might encounter while shopping for the one that best fits your home. 

One of the various types of crown moldings is the cove which is a plain, less ornate concave-shaped trim and the simple version of a crown. Going further into the ornamental side of the crown moldings, there’s the dentil, egg-and-dart, and the bead and pearl. The only difference between the three is their mold design

Dentil is more on the classical side and more mostly found in historic homes which consist of repeating patterns of small and evenly spaced blocks. Meanwhile, Egg-and-Dart molding from the name itself consists of oval egg shape molding patterns plus alternating V-like darts which come from the ancient Greek ornament. 

On the other hand, Bead and Pearl consist of patterns of rows of small, symmetrical spheres. Both the egg-and-dart and bead and pearl can be accompanied in crown and chair railing. 


Going down from the ceilings to the floor, another type of molding is the baseboards. Its purpose is the opposite of the crown for it gives a smooth transition from the walls to the floor. Making sure that all parts of your home can be accentuated equally. 

It measures three to five inches. They are long strips of wood that are usually simple in shape because they are often covered up by your home furniture. But when it comes to decorating your dream home, the sky’s the limit so you can always add up some decorative small pieces of your choice to spice it up.  


Apart from the joints between your ceilings and floors, there are also other gaps in your homes that can be covered by installing another type of molding. When it comes to the gap between the walls and your windows or doors, casing molding is the right answer.

It usually measures a width of two to three inches and has the same color as the trim used around your house. There are various types of readily available door or window casings. It acts as both a decorative and practical element in your home. 

Chair Rail

A chair rail also known as a dado rail is a functional molding that helps in preventing the chairs or any type of furniture from damaging the walls may it be the paint or wallpaper. 

This is usually found installed in the dining rooms. It is measured approximately one-third up from the floor.

Picture Rail

A picture or plate rail is installed to make decorating your home a lot easier and less hassle and mess. You can simply hang your memorable family pictures, favorite quotes, or your treasured art pieces by attaching them to a picture rail without using any hard work like hammering some nails into the wall.  

This runs horizontally around a room and measures one to two inches tall below the ceiling. Just like chair rails, it doesn’t only give a decorative element in your home but also functions well by preventing any damage to your walls. This molding is commonly used in traditionally styled rooms.


The batten is also called a board-and-batten which is used to hide the gaps between two pieces of paneling. It is both used for its functionality and design. It gives an aesthetic element to your wall making a bland simple space more attractive and picture-perfect worthy for your home content photoshoot gaming.


Knowing the different types of home molding will give you an edge when it comes to your home fluffing and DIY home makeover projects.

It not only makes your space both functional and stylish but also saves you a lot of your time and effort. We also want what is best for you and your homes. We also can’t wait to see your newly renovated and furnished homes

Now go and have fun with your home decorating.

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