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Do you have a $1,000 to invest and wondering how to multiply your money by smart investments? We have listed a few options below to grow your money;

  1. Stock Market:

Day trading is not for everyone as the market is really quick and you need to make split-second decisions to gain profit. You need to understand how the market rises and falls before you can really make profits. If done right, within a short span of time you can make small investments to get large returns.

  1. Peer-to-Peer Lending:

Peer-to-peer lending is an investment option you can look at. This investment may not earn you a lot of profit, but you still can make some steady income out of it. So how does this work? You need to choose a lending platform which allows you to give small capital to an individual or businesses and while collection, add an interest rate to it. So basically, you get a little more money than what you initially lent. The interest rate goes up as the return time increases. You just have to be careful about who you are lending money to.

  1. Trade Commodities:

Trading commodities like silver and gold is one investment opportunity you can consider. The economic fluctuations will drive the price of commodities. As the prices dip due to alteration in the supply-demand chain, buying commodities can cost you less and as the market gains stability and the prices rise, selling them at the right time at the right price will help you make profits.

  1. Trade Cryptocurrencies:

Cryptocurrency usage is increasing, as many reputed industries and financial firms are investing in it. This has made the public-acceptance of the cryptocurrency better hence this is the perfect time to invest in cryptocurrency trading. According to, the usage of a trading platform for cryptocurrency will increase your chances to profit as the accurate algorithms can predict the future market trends based on analyzing a large amount of data from past market trends.

  1. Trading:

Trading is also a very popular investment to make money. Trading is safer than investing in the stock market as it is not as volatile, but you can still make a good return if you have a good knack of the market trends. The golden rule of trading is to trade small and often. Trading every day is not mandatory, in fact, we advise against it. Know the right time to invest to gain profits. Statistically, when the stocks are rising, it will increase more hence do not withdraw but again do not get too greedy because at a certain point the stock will start reducing. If your investment is losing, do not wait for it to profit, withdraw immediately. After you trade for a while, you will start to understand the dynamics of the market and become a seasonal trader.

  1. Real Estate:

Real estate is a lucrative business opportunity you should consider investing in. there are always sellers in the market who are looking for potential buyers. Act as a middle-man broker and find apt buyers for the seller, once the deal is done, you will get a commission from both buyer and seller. It will take time to close a deal but if you have a skill for it, the money you can earn is good.

Not everyone has the right money-making skills but if you are someone who has the knack for it then the sky is the limit.

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