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Catamaran Charter

At the southern end of the Balkans is Greece, surrounded to the west by the Ionian Sea and to the east by the Aegean Sea. Origin of European culture where philosophy, democracy, theater and Olympic Games was born, the Hellenic country can boast having a rich and varied heritage. With its mountainous landscapes, its places that truly transfer you to antiquity and its paradisiacal islands, Greece will never cease to amaze you.

Start your catamaran charter Greece from any of its countless marinas spread across the different regions; Corfu, Athens, Paros, Skiathos…

Greece is a coastal country and sailing has always been very important in the life of the Greeks. It is a country that has great natural beauty with beautiful mountainous landscapes providing stunning views during a boat trip. This is therefore a destination that offers entertainment for all tastes; nature, adventure, culture, gastronomy, navigation and much more.

The catamaran charter Greece is ideal for exploring the most popular places and islands and there are many alternative routes. Sail from Athens to the Cyclades Islands or take a circular route through the spectacular Ionian Islands. Explore the Sporadas Islands or navigate around the Dodecanese, two sets of islands that still have much to discover.

Where to go catamaran charter Greece

Greece occupies the 11th position in the list of longest coastlines in the world. Its extension is 13,667 km of coasts bathed by three seas (Aegean, Ionian and Mediterranean). Its archipelagos and islands, as well as its position between seas, make it one of the best places in the world more privileged to navigate bycatamaran charter Greece.

Rent a catamaran charter

The rental of a catamaran becomes one of the most precious rentals for sailing enthusiasts. The comfort, lighting, comfort, space and speed provided by its two parallel helmets have made renting a catamaran the perfect option for those who were not convinced by a monohull. Thanks to its low draft the catamaran will allow us to get much closer to the coast than a monocoque allows us.

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