Thu. Aug 31st, 2023

Home is the space where you feel the most comfortable and at peace. If you come home to clutter and chaos, it can add to your stress. Your home should be designed to bring joy to you and others around you. 

Whether the holiday season may be approaching or you’re gearing up for company, you’d surely want to make your living space a bit more welcoming for your guests. 

Here are some great decor ideas that can make your home more pleasing so that you enjoy a wonderful time together. 

Add Soft Textiles 

Make your home cozy and warm by adding soft textures and textiles. Add fluffy carpets to your living room and bedroom to give your room a sense of coziness. 

One of the easiest ways to add texture to a room is adding a mix of textiles in most things, including window treatment, bedding, blankets, and upholstery.

Decorate Your Entrance

Spend some extra time to decorate the entrance to welcome your guests warmly. Install lighting, a piece of art, a mirror, flower decorations on the wall, etc.

Maybe you can add a swing chair to the exterior entryway for a relaxing and fun time. Install a screen to block excess light and dust so you can peacefully enjoy tea time on your patio.

Organize the Seating Arrangement 

You may have to make some changes in your seating arrangement before welcoming your guests. Keep the seating arrangement closer together to make your guests feel comfortable.

Placing too many objects in your living room can disturb and block traffic. Place your furniture a little further away from the wall to make your space feel bigger. Buy a coffee table by searching for living room furniture sets online to place in between the seating area for your guests to put down drinks. 

Restock your Bathroom Supplies 

Like your living room, checking on the bathroom before your guests arrive is equally important. Whether your guests are staying for days or overnight, you need to make the bathroom inviting.

Ensure there is enough toilet paper, clean towels, and bathroom essentials. Look for any leaks or broken parts that need fixing. 

Give your Home a Natural Touch 

Add natural elements like plants to give your space a refreshing vibe. You can choose to add flower pots with tall plants or flowers that compliment your interior. 

Keep the furniture in the living room away from the windows to make them shine with the greatest light. Another wonderful idea is to bring home a fresh flower bouquet and decorate it on a vase. 

Warm-up Your Kitchen Space

The kitchen is where you will gather around to enjoy mealtime. Make your space pleasant for cooling and guests with fresh flowers on the countertop. 

Arrange comfy seating around the countertop for seating. If you have an open corner shelf in your kitchen, then add some books for an aesthetic look or a small speaker to enjoy music in the background.

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