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HVAC system breakage in a new home is a serious challenge for a family budget. But you could avoid unnecessary expenses if you pay attention to the system and its parts when buying it. Now all HVAC malfunctions can be detected at once, so it would be a good idea to ensure the right condition of HVAC with independent expertise of climatic equipment made by a qualified contractor. The Best Heating Cooling & Air Company is your best HVAC service Denver Colorado –, capable of finding all hidden defects and protecting your interests during the purchase.

Inspecting HVAC on your own: what to pay attention to?

Intractable defects of climatic equipment can be detected even by a non-expert. Many of them can be found on your own. In order not to miss anything, follow the visual inspection plan. Examine the outer block, write down the name of the model, its make, and serial number, become acquainted with the documentation on service maintenance. Then, ask to start the system and look for any signs of incorrect functioning of the climate control system:

  • vibrations and unusual noises emanated by working equipment
  • unpleasant odor
  • lack of thrust: when the windows are closed, a sheet of paper won’t stick to the grill
  • low speed of fan blades rotation
  • conditioner turns off on its own
  • dust clogs in the ventilation openings.

When you notice any defect in climatic equipment, you should realize that your expenses for their elimination could be huge. But even if the system does not reveal at once any visible signals of being defective, that doesn’t mean it is fully okay. Some defects could show themselves later, so you really need a professional inspection of the ventilation, air conditioning, or heating system before you buy it or buy a house where they are installed. That’s why, before making a purchase, ask your seller or realtor to provide technical documentation for the HVAC system – this will simplify the task to experts.

How the HVAC expertise is made

Before buying a house in Denver, Colorado, agree on the presale inspection of an HVAC system with a local certified contractor. Diagnostic of ventilation and microclimate control system in private houses is made according to the plan and includes the following operations:

  • studying the technical documentation and floor plan of the building
  • visual inspection of main nodes and piping
  • inspection of ventilation shafts and ducts, checking the fastenings and joints
  • examination of external elements of ducts and drainage system
  • control of wholeness of thermal insulation and calculation of heat balance.

In addition to standard manipulations, the inspection can reveal the need for additional diagnostics, specifying parameters of the system’s functioning and the real cost of the equipment. If any defects are found, a buyer can request a discount corresponding to the cost of repairs and technical re-equipment of the system. A solid age of the equipment (10-15 years) also gives the right to a discount.

Presale diagnostics and examination of HVAC in Denver

The BHCAir Company provides a complex examination of HVAC systems in minimal time and when it is convenient for you. An experienced Denver HVAC contractor has all means to provide qualified services during the presale consultation of future homeowners.

  1. Based on the sheer experience of design, installation, and service maintenance of HVAC systems and perfect knowledge of strengths and weaknesses of popular models of HVAC equipment, we are able to provide a precise, accurate, and objective estimate of the equipment condition.
  2. Company’s engineers have all obligatory licenses and approvals to conduct field examinations of household and commercial HVAC systems.
  3. Accurate heat detectors can find even the smallest damages of piping and heat insulation, including heat losses, leakages, and insulation wetting.
  4. The examination results are put into the act of examination of technical condition, which is given to the orderer. We provide recommendations on the elimination of shortcomings, giving an approximate cost of the repairs.
  5. According to the client’s wishes, we can make urgent repairs and upgrades of HVAC equipment after the house is bought to eliminate problems of any kind.

We take requests to the field examination of HVAC systems in Denver and the entire Colorado on the phone and website of the company. Contact us and shortly, you will be able to find out everything about the condition of your ventilation and climate control systems to make a grounded decision about the purchase.

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