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Make Your Journey More Memorable

Summary: A memorable journey is not about the destination. It’s about those small moments we live in during the journey, which allows you to be yourself. When we long for it even after coming home and stay with us for a long time, this is a sign of a transcendent journey.

When we peek to our past, we are filled with the joy of sweet memories and special moments we spent with our loved ones. Some of them may remind us of special places, like a romantic honeymoon in Kerala or white water rafting in Rishikesh or exploring places on feet and surviving life-threatening situations during trekking in Nepal. Each memory brings a feeling of nostalgia with itself. For each one of us, it’s not possible to remember all the things all the time. What should we do to make our journeys memorable? Obviously getting a camera along with you is not enough. Here are some tips you can follow to live them again in the future:

Be open-minded

If you’re going to be rigid, you’ll miss the joy of unknown happiness. It’s suggested to be open to differences and a new culture to improve your way of thinking. Try going for long walks and sleep under the stars, attend religious ceremonies, and do something that scares you, that’s what brings joy in life. You have the potential to learn new things, and you can grow in an unlimited way if you become welcoming to unexpected changes. If you find something controlling instead of being judgemental, you can try to understand the other side of the story. After all, true strength comes from stretching your boundaries, to discover your strengths and talents.

Interact; embrace;listen; engage

Most of the experience comes from those people whom we meet during our journey. Interacting with local people and other travelers makes you dig deep into their cultures and beliefs. Make sure you listen to them attentively. Learn from them and share your own traditions and faiths as well. Contribute to helping the world to come closer and show them how similar you are, after all, you are representing your country in front of the world by embracing your differences and appreciating your similarities.

Travel with gratitude, wonder, and awe

Feel privileged if you’re traveling the world. Be grateful for this opportunity and feel like seeing the world from the eyes of a child. Look from your eyes how beautiful the planet is. The world is amazing with unconquerable mountains, thundering waterfalls, and dancing gazelles and what not. You’ll get enough time to think about what is your place on the planet, and how does it work? You’ll feel inspired to create the best life and a better world.

Live in the moment

Often we choose possessions over moments. Moments help in shaping our character, and it stays with us forever. For example, if you own an expensive handbag for 20 years, this memory is not strong enough to beat any kind of life-threatening experience. Live like there is no past and no future. Be in your present to experience every moment. Try to stay away from the gadgets during your journey so that you can soak the world. Live in the moment in the present and grasp everything you can.

Quality matters over quantity

No matter how many countries you have traveled till now, it matters how deep or shallow your footprints were. There is no benefit of travelling to the place where you don’t get enough time to understand and appreciate the place. You don’t want to complete your bucket list without any experience, do you? It is suggested to travel slowly, so that, you can live those costless moments. The more you see the world with your eyes the more you’ll grow.

Appreciate off the track things

Travelling must not be about must-visit places, it is about enjoying simple things. Try not to make your traveling plan about adventure, visiting famous sights, and for your bucket list. You can enjoy modest but attractive moments like long walks on the beach or watching the sun sinking into the mountains, hot steaming coffee in the open cafes or deep long chats with the local people.

Appreciate it’s not your home

Don’t expect everything to be like home. Try coming out from your comfort zone. Uniformity is tedious. Imagine immersing in diverse cultures, languages, traditions, beliefs, etc. Won’t that be exciting? Get addicted to the diversity of love. Traveling is a teacher who can dig up your hidden personalities. It will help you learn lots of things about yourself and the world. Share your experiences with the world you don’t want to lock away the memories that inspire you to keep going. Be the change by sharing your travel privileges with the world and inspire them all.

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Manmohan Singh is a passionate Yogi, Yoga Teacher and a Traveller in India. He organizes200 hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh. Manmohan Singh conducts Yoga Teacher Training in India in different cities. He loves writing and reading books related to yoga, health, nature, Himalayas and Nepal Trekking Tours.

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