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8 Tips to Design Your Own Entertainment Room

Who does not like an exclusive entertainment room in their house? But, most of us cannot get one due to budget and space constraints but if you have the budget and space, then get straight away to planning your own personal entertainment room.

We have listed a few design ideas which will help you with your design project;

  1. Decide What You Want:

Before you start, decide if you want a separate entertainment room or is it ok to have an entertainment unit in your living room. This decision depends on what your vision is and is there the required space in your home to implement your vision.

  1. Fix a budget:

You need to set a budget and decide how you will split it beforehand so that you do not exceed beyond a certain amount. Also, prioritize what is the most important like the TV unit or the media source and keep it on the top of your list. You can always compromise on the items which are your lowest priority.

  1. Optimize the Space

Your media room may not be very huge hence you need to optimize your available space in such a way that you just have enough room to fit in your furniture and entertainment unit. If the room has less space, avoid huge furniture, instead, stick to a single couch and a few small chairs to make the room look spacious.

  1. Spend on Your Rooms Acoustics:

You may want to enjoy a room which can provide good sound quality and not disturb others hence invest on making your room’s acoustics better for the sound system and also make the room soundproof so that you can enjoy uninterrupted entertainment. Placing carpets and rugs is also good for absorbing sound. Avoid tiles or hardwood which tend to bounce the sound around.

  1. Focus on Light Arrangements:

Try to choose a room which does allow natural sunlight but during the time you watch a movie, to make the room dark, use good quality blackout curtains to give it a theatre effect. Also, add sufficient lights in the room so that it looks bright and spacious.


  1. Choose the TV Screen Size as per the Room:

Televisions come in different sizes, though you would want the biggest screen, but it may not be the right size for the size of your room. You need to consider your room dimensions and distance between the television wall and your couch to determine the right size of the TV to buy.

  1. Manage Your Gadgets:

Plan to have a shelf for each of your electronic gadget such as X-box, set-top box, DVD player and Home theatre. So many devices will have many wires going around hence plan to hide the wires cleverly to make the room look clutter-free. There will be multiple devices and your TV may not have so many HDMI ports hence you will need to connect and disconnect devices each time. To avoid that hassle, get a KVM switch from to connect multiple devices to a single screen and switch between them easily.

  1. Install a Good Storage System:

It is an entertainment room hence you will have DVD’s, pen drives and other gadgets lying around which may mess up your room hence do not forget to add good storage in the room so that it can be kept neat and tidy.

Once you have successfully decorated your entertainment room, you are ready to enjoy the experience, after all the other name of this room is “the fun-filled room”.

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