Wed. Jan 31st, 2024
Online Video Editing Websites

With concerns about the safety of software installed on the machine as well as the use of space that this causes, it seems that finding and downloading software for the goals and needs of video editing are getting less and less. Instead, a series of online services was born and became more and more popular.

Initially, there were resizing services, online pdf conversion services, or viruses scanning services online. It all seemed to be ‘online’ to help users feel comfortable. Especially as the Internet infrastructure is growing extremely robust, free online services like this become even more attractive.

In today’s article, we will guide you with five online services that are equally useful and convenient; that is, direct video editing without software. You can be assured of the safety and capacity of the device, which are some of the main features and advantages of online video editing service.


This is the cloud video editing service that is rated as the most powerful and the most user-friendly interface available today. It allows users to upload files from computers, from app stores such as Google Drive, Instagram, Flickr, Facebook, Dropbox, or Picasa. Even when finished, you can choose to post your work on Youtube, Vimeo, or save to your device.

Advantages of WeVideo:

Sign up for a free account.

Rich and varied background music.

There are versions for two popular phone operating systems available today, iOS and Android.

Ability to edit in groups, everyone can participate in the process of video editing.

Disadvantages of WeVideo:

Free trial period (15 minutes / month).
Low video resolution (480p).
The cost of advanced packages is quite expensive (about 4.99 USD/month to 29.99 USD/month).
If used for free, your video will be closed in the watermark.


FlexClip is also a useful video editing service like WeVideo. It is designed to look like a professional video editing software but simplify the features. With full of powerful features, It meets enough and extremely good for the needs of the work of a normal user or even a regular person who has to edit videos.

Advantages of FlexClip:

Sign up for a free account.

The storage capacity is quite large.

There are versions for Windows.

Over one million pieces of stock choices (videos, photos, audio) available.

There are three different packages for users to choose if you want to use for a fee: Free – Basic($4.99/mo) – Plus($7.99/mo).

Disadvantages of FlexClip:

Only available in the Chrome browser.

One-minute length for free downloads.


If you are passionate about editing short films but do not want to waste much, use Magisto. This is an online video editing tool capable of creating extremely beautiful and professional videos but does not need to use too many tools.

With the same usage as Instagram, users only need to select the sound effects and images available on this page to use for their videos; that’s it.

Advantages of Magisto:

Use Facebook and Google as other services to sign up.

Simple to use but still effective and quality.

Rich and diverse topics.

There are separate versions like Magisto Video Editor & Maker for Android, Magisto for iOS, etc.

Disadvantages of Magisto:

Not editable manually.

Free account is limited to a lot of features (not downloadable to your computer, video length is limited)


A little different from the above services, because this is not a traditional video editor, but rather, this service is capable of creating animated videos from images and sounds. Wideo is especially suitable for the purpose of creating short promotional videos or a presentation because it has a lot of sample videos, animations, text effects.

Advantages of Wideo:

There is no limit to the number of videos you can create (including using a free account).

Fast processing speed.

Disadvantages of Wideo:

Closed watermark if used for free.

Free accounts can only make videos with a time limit of no more than 30 seconds.

The usage fee is quite high compared to other services starting from 19 USD / month.


If you’ve used and liked Wideo, then you’ll want to use PowToon even more. Because this service provides the same features as Wideo, but it also adds more good tools.

Advantages of PowToon:

Diverse, rich, many topics.

There are many ready-made templates to create high-quality work.

Disadvantages of PowToon:

The free version cannot download videos to your device.

The maximum playback time should not exceed 5 minutes.

You are restricted to background music.

It is quite expensive if you want to use it at a cost.

The article above has just guided you to the five best online video editing services today. Whether the software needs to be purchased and installed on the computer or websites that allow direct operation, as long as it meets the needs and is appropriate for itself, it will be the best tool.

Users can consider and use these tools according to their purpose, work requirements, and habits.

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