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jaw crushers

The jaw rock crusher is generally used as a primary crusher in the production line, and its output directly affects the output of the entire production line. How to maximize the production capacity of the crusher under the premise of ensuring the ore particle size is a problem that many mining companies are very concerned about.

Correct feeding

In order to make the raft wear uniform and reduce operating costs, the ore should be evenly distributed along the inlet of the feeder and fill the crushing chamber.

Guarantee sufficient minerals

In the normal use process, the feeder adjusts the amplitude by adjusting the control box knob within the range of the rated amplitude according to the demand of the productivity, thereby achieving the purpose of step-less adjustment of the feeder productivity.

Feeding precautions

(1) Prevent the iron block from entering the crushing chamber. Iron blocks can damage the seesaw and other parts.

(2) The height of the ore should be avoided beyond the fixed raft.

(3) The maximum ore size should be smaller than the size of the jaw crusher. Large ore is easy to block the crushing cavity and affect the crushing efficiency.

Set a reasonable size of the discharge opening

The setting of the discharge opening is to adjust the distance between the two slabs at the lower end of the crushing chamber. According to China FTM Company, the discharge ports of different types of equipment can be adjusted in different ranges. Too small discharge openings can cause blockages and consume excessive amounts of energy, causing severe damage to the crusher. Excessive discharge openings will increase the load on the second break.

Adjustment of discharge opening

Adjusting the opening of the discharge opening is achieved by increasing or decreasing the adjustment spacer located behind the swinging seat plate. When measuring the set distance, pay attention to the position of the upper eccentric shaft so that the lower end of the fixed jaw and the lower end of the movable jaw are in the closest position, and the maximum diameter of a circle tangent to the two jaws is measured at this position. The circle represents the size of the ore. The measuring device uses a ring gauge supplied by a random device. After the adjustment, the tension spring can not be compressed too much, we must avoid the spring tight arrangement. Both the support rod and the tension spring are subjected to fatigue stress and should be replaced within 2-3 years.

Seesaw overview

The two jaws are toothed and have a flat cross-section design that can be inverted and interchangeable, so a slab can be mounted on either the squat or the squat.

Seesaw overview

Seesaw wear condition and treatment measures

The state of wear of the jaws and its adjustment are very effective in improving the working capacity of the crusher. It is best to check the wear status regularly to determine when to turn the seesaw upside down, swap and replaces. Commonly used are the following wear conditions and treatments:

The bottom of the movable jaw has worn 1/3; the bottom of the fixed jaw has worn 2/3.

Way to resolve: The two plates are inverted.

(2) The top and bottom of the moving jaw are worn by 1/3, and the middle part is worn by half; the top and bottom of the fixed jaw are worn 2/3. Treatment measures: two slab exchanges.

Both the top and bottom of the two jaws are completely worn.

Way to resolve: Replace all.

The importance of lubrication

High-quality lubrication is the key to bearing performance and life, and bearings are the core component of the crusher’s operation and are closely related to crushing efficiency.

Lubrication point and fatliquoring amount

The eccentric shaft bearing mounted on the bearing housing and the moving jaw is the only part of the jaw crusher that needs lubrication. The crusher is equipped with a labyrinth seal to keep the grease in the bearing clean. Grease nozzles are provided on all four bearings for grease addition. Before adding grease, the grease nipple and grease gun should be cleaned to prevent dust from entering the bearing housing.

Feeding condition is the key factor affecting the efficiency of crushing ore. It should be paid special attention. For every aspect of correct feeding, the wear condition of the lining should be carefully checked regularly, make correct judgments, and have planned adjustment and replacement lining.

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