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The application of tertiary crushers in the field of ore mining is very frequent, because it has a very good energy-saving effect, and it is widely used in railway construction, highway construction, airport construction, municipal construction, bridge construction, etc. Therefore, environmentally-friendly and energy-saving tertiary crushers are favored by more and more people, and it is constantly improving in terms of performance, structure, design, materials, etc., maximizing energy efficiency and promoting a low-carbon economy. The series of the tertiary crusher of Fote Machinery has stable and reliable running performance, simplified process, simple structure, and convenient maintenance. The production capacity is large and the hammer has a long service life. It is widely used for fine crushing of various minerals such as granite, basalt, limestone, river pebble, cement clinker, quartz stone, iron ore, and bauxite.

The second power station fuel screening system is mainly used for the crushing of coal, petroleum coke, and other materials. The broken particles need to be controlled linearly between 0.5-13 mm to ensure the material requirements of the circulating fluidized bed boiler. Due to the high humidity of the coke and the uneven wear of the hammer, the problem of excessive particle size still exists, which seriously affects the thermal efficiency index of the boiler combustion. In response to this situation, the fuel workshop organizes the technical backbone of the workshop to analyze and find the “stubborn problem” in which the screening system frequently exceeds the particle size, and determines the maintenance plan.

The service life of the “hammerhead” of the tertiary crusher should be 5,000 hours. In order to ensure that the thermal efficiency index of the boiler combustion is not affected, the fuel workshop in accordance with the maintenance plan of the fine crusher, timely adjust the parts, organize the elite technicians, compress the maintenance time, take the heat, fight the high temperature, work overtime for 48 hours, and successfully complete the fine crush Machine 9 fast tooth plate, 33 “hammerhead” group with replacement installation tasks.

After careful commissioning by the fuel class, the operation was stable, and the vibration value reached the best level in history after data detection. The particle size has been improved from 98% to 100%. The “granularity” requirement of the CFB boiler for the burning materials is ensured, and the inlet is closed to improve the furnace efficiency.

Compared with the jaw crusher, the tertiary crusher is more suitable for the second or third crushing of the crushed stone production line. It has very high flexibility, and it absorbs the advanced technology of foreign ancestors in the process and adopts the stratification of materials to break. In order to better adapt to market demand, there has been a great improvement in skills. I believe there will be a lot of room for growth. We should keep up with the pace of development of the times, develop quickly and efficiently, and be better able to the national development has made some contributions. With the changes in the processing needs of users and the advancement of mining technology, the tertiary crusher will become the most popular crusher in the mining field.

This kind of tertiary crusher has a discharge size of 5-10mm. It can crush iron ore, granite, limestone, sandstone, river pebble, and other stone materials. It is the crushing equipment with the highest degree of fine crushing. It has exquisite shape, unique design, small weight, and less occupied space.

characteristics of tertiary crushers

  1. Novel: The equipment has stable and reliable running performance, convenient maintenance, small size, lightweight, easy replacement of parts, convenient movement, simplified process, simple structure, three-stage crushing to secondary crushing, large production capacity, and hammer life. Long, environmentally friendly and energy-saving, used in the fine crushing of granite, basalt, cement clinker, quartz stone, emery, ore, iron ore, bauxite, river pebble, etc., to overcome the traditional equipment only used with soft rock (under 150mpa)

 Efficient: The new third-generation tertiary crusher is 30-50% higher than the sanding rate of the same traditional crushers.

  1. Power saving: It saves 50%-70% of electricity compared with the same traditional-scale tertiary crushers.
  2. High quality: The finished sand is cubic and has strong pressure resistance. The finished product size is ≤5mm, accounting for more than 85%.
  3. Save money: The new third-generation saves 50%-60% of investment compared with the same traditional-scale sand making machine.
  4. Maintenance: The new third-generation sand making machine is 50%-60% lower than the maintenance rate of the same traditional one.
  5. Accessories: The new tertiary crusher machine is 30%-50% less than the equivalent traditional scale equipment.

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