Fri. Jun 14th, 2024
Areas Where Big Data Can Be Used Effectively

Big data is best used to understand and analyze the behaviors and preferences of customers. However, there are many other areas where big data is being used effectively. They include:

Understanding and Optimizing Business Processes

There is a lot of information you can get through big data that you can use to optimize your business processes. You can track goods through geographic positioning and radio frequency identification sensors. You can integrate live traffic data and optimize your routes during transportation. Many companies are using big data analytics to improve their HR processes too.

Personal and Professional Quantification and Optimization

It’s not just businesses and governments; individuals also can use big data effectively. Today many people wear smart watches and smart bracelets to keep track of their fitness levels. It gives them real-time information about their activity levels, their calorie consumption, and even their sleep patterns. There are people who use big data tools to find their most appropriate matches on online dating sites too.

Improving Healthcare and Public Health

Big data has made it possible to decode the entire DNA strings within a few minutes. This has made it easier to understand and predict disease patterns and even find new cures. Researchers can compile data for health studies by collecting data from the smart phones of users. Doctors can monitor the heartbeats and breathing patterns of babies in premature and sick units through big data. They can predict infections even before the occurrence of any physical symptoms. Even the developments of disease outbreaks can be effectively predicted and monitored.

Measuring and Monitoring Sports Performance

Companies in the field of sports are also not left behind when it comes to using big data. They use video analytics to track the performance of their players. They use sensor technology in sports equipment to get feedback on the game and find out how to improve it. Some of the elite sports teams even use smart technology to monitor the physical and emotional well-being of their players.

Improving Science and Research

The new possibilities brought by big data have transformed the industry of science and research. Today you can apply the computing power of big data to any set of data and open up new sources for scientist. Researchers find it easier to access and analyze the census and other data collected by the government.

Apart from the above, financial trading is another area where big data can be used effectively. Data from news websites and social media networks can be effectively used to make trading decisions within split seconds.

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