Sat. Mar 2nd, 2024

Mathematics is increasingly important in the current technological & scientific world. It is involved in almost every field of life; therefore, it becomes necessary to take a keen interest in learning new techniques and participate in the math contest so that your skills keep on polishing with time. Math competitions are not something that only helps you or your children have a firm grasp over solving different mathematical problems but also helps you in the following possible ways.

  • Taking competitive time tests at school level is a practice for the kids to invert in high school like the ACT, SAT, & AP tests.
  • Competition scores help to boost admission applications at different education levels. They also help to boost the CV and resume. Many tests offer scholarships, multiple levels of recognition, or cash prizes to high school students as well. 
  • These tests provide the students with a skill to cope with challenges in a given amount of time and also help them understand how they stack up against their fellows.
  • They help the students by increasing their confidence and help them to deal with success and failure in the most effective manner.
  • Moreover, they are an exciting and worthwhile venture in life with a bit of pressure.

How to use math contest scores on admission application forms?

When you seat admission in any institute, they ask details regarding your extracurricular activities. You can fill your math competition experiences in the essay portion of the application in case you don’t find a section for extracurricular activities.

 If you are writing your experience in the essay section, you can write about your personal story, which is central to your identity and describe a place or environment where you are confident of discussing your accomplishments or events. You can also use this action to highlight your math victories and illustrate your abilities for admission.

How to use these competitions to boost your resume or CV?

It does not matter if you are preparing a resume for seeking admission in a college or applying for the job; you have the opportunity to write details of your math contest and victories in it.  They are much more helpful than being a part of the resume only. Employers value the analytical skills and critical thinking of the employee. 

They want to invest in young professionals who are able to perform specific tasks in a given amount of time and make sound & logical decisions. The competitions also help one to learn about teamwork and achieve a common goal. This is really by the employers and lends a hand to shining out among the other employees.


Mathematics competitions are much more than grades and exams. They are very different activities from learning and researching in typical mathematics. They are not used for job problems or graduate study. They are very helpful in building a career and developing vital skills.

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