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Preparations for your big wedding are the order of the day, and the sweet taste of the wedding cake is not the only one that the guests will be able to taste. Also, the sugary dessert that culminates dinner is expected by many, and if it is chocolate, the better! If you are worried about the flowers of the bridal bouquet or the creativity of your wedding centerpieces, with this article, we take away the worry of dessert.

For the avoidance of doubt, we show you the menu of preferred chocolate Wedding Desserts from the famous brownies with a very elegant decoration to a more casual chocolate churro. Get to know the repertoire and choose your favorite. And if you can’t decide on just one, include them all in your candy bar.


This tight brown sponge cake can be served with chocolate syrup as the top layer or silver-colored pastry chips if you’re looking for that glamorous accent. You can also have walnuts or mint leaves and strawberries or a vanilla snowball, for a colorful presentation and contrasting flavors. They can even add peanuts to the dough for a more fun flavor.


Flirty because of their size and the decoration you want to choose; chocolate cupcakes are an increasingly present option in wedding cake images and can even supply them. Always make sure to order enough cupcakes for the number of attendees and place them on different circular bases in an ascending structure. Undoubtedly, an original idea that can look even sweeter if you surround them with discreet wedding flower arrangements.

Cake pops

A toothpick holds these pastry balls covered in dark or white chocolate or with coloring according to the flowers of your wedding. The cake pops can also be coated nut or peanut. It is a short but effective dessert.

Churros with chocolate

The Mexican flavor cannot be missed since two delicious flavors come together: hot chocolate and sugary churros. It will surely be a very original dessert. But be careful when eating them, you don’t want an unfortunate drop to stain your princess cut wedding dress.


The macarons seem that popular toy called “yo-yo.” They are composed of two covers of soft and fluffy biscuits with a sweet filling in the middle that can carry peanuts. Its best-known name is French macarons, but they take their name from Italian Maccarone. The chocolate flavor is one of the most chosen, so they can even be placed as an aperitif on your wedding candy table in a basket with chopsticks like popsicles. They will quickly disappear.

Pastel Sachar

Another dessert that every chocolate lover should know is the Sachar cake, which was created in Vienna in the 19th century and is now a gourmet dish. It is a chocolate cake with apricot jam and a bar of chocolate, water, and sugar glaze. Originally, it is a bit dry, so it can be accompanied by Chantilly cream.

Remember that the guests, who are already preparing their suits and their party dresses, are also waiting to be surprised. And not just with wedding table settings; also with the party and the food that the bride and groom will offer. Chocolate, for sure, will be infallible. Which of all these desserts did you like the most?

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