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lingual braces

We generally talk about the time period wherein we are getting the dental braces and the time when we are deciding which braces to choose amongst the number of braces we have.

But this time let us talk about getting the braces off. The day you were waiting for since the time you got your braces is finally here. You are all excited and geared up for your new life ahead. Yes, it is literally a new life. You no longer need to be extra careful about brushing, about deciding what to eat and will no longer be embarrassed about your smile. In fact, you now have the most beautiful smile, the smile you’ve always desired.

So yeah everything has its good, bad and ugly. And braces is no such exception. So, what are these for dental braces? Let’s find out.


Now let us come to the good part. You will be thinking like seriously? Does it have any good part as well?

Well yes. Because the very motive of you having dental braces is the good part. Imagine that once the treatment is over you have that perfect smile you always wanted. Aahh…this proves that your struggle for two years is paid off and that itself is the happiest part of the entire process.

You no longer need to be embarrassed about your smile and can flash your smile is style.


The ugly side of braces is that they bring a lot of hassle. The hassle of brushing and maintaining your oral health is quite large. And if you do not maintain proper hygiene, then you will be in trouble. Unlike Invisalign, braces do not come off whenever you want. Often times it happens that food gets stuck between your teeth due to braces which can lead to decay. If this happens a cavity will develop which can badly damage your teeth.

Also, the fact that the treatment takes 18 months to two years is big enough and if bad Oral Health is added to it, then it will lead to big frustration. Moreover, one needs to visit the dental clinic regularly and should not miss even a single appointment, because doing so will do more harm than good.

Sometimes a plaque can be formed on the outer layer of your teeth which if ignored can leave white spots on your teeth once the braces are removed. These spots then need to either be cleared with cosmetic procedures or will stay forever, the choice will be totally yours.

So imagine if brushing is a hassle, then what will floss be? Huh…hard to even think about it. This is because flossing then becomes next to impossible task.


We will begin with what’s bad with braces? With the advancement in Orthodontic, we have types of braces available to us such as traditional metal braces, ceramic braces, lingual braces and so on and so forth. So, if we have such a wide variety then how there can be anything bad about it. Okay, so let’s come to the discussion right away.

The major problem with having braces is that you cannot have your favorite food. Though the advancement has reduced such complications yet, one needs to be really careful when it comes to what to eat. You cannot have anything sticky and extra crunchy as the chances of them getting stuck to your teeth are high.

Apart from being difficulty in chewing food, the other major concern is the sense of embarrassment people have worn the braces. They are not happy with the looks. Also, they are being called with funny names such as tin teeth, metallic teeth, etc.

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