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Dengue is considered as one of the most dangerous infections. After almost three to fourteen days of the bite, the symptoms start to show off.  After years of research, doctors finally have a vaccine for dengue fever and it is proved to be quite effective. The vaccines are quite costly as it involves high dose mixtures. Due to its high cost treatment, it is advisable to go for dengue insurance cover.

Causes and Tips to Avoid Dengue Fever

  • It is caused by a female Aedes aegypti mosquito bite. They can’t fly above our mid-knee level so it is possible to get infection. So, you can take precaution by wearing high length pants or full socks.
  • They mostly target us during the daytime during specific hours so, if possible, you can avoid going out during that time.
  • These mosquitoes are found all around, especially in clean water so, it is advisable not to openly store clean or any kind of water for more time.
  • Take more care of your hygiene and cleanliness level in order to avoid mosquitos.

Helpful Remedies to Cure Dengue Fever

    • Papaya leaves are considered good during dengue fever as it helps in maintaining the plate counts in the body. Two spoons can be consumed four times a day after every 6 hours interval. But it is not advisable for pregnant woman.
    • Giloy herb helps in maintaining the metabolic rate as well as the immune system. It can be consumed by either boiling the stem or making its juice.
    • Try to get goldenseal, a North American herb; it helps in fighting against nausea and fever.


  • Apart from these, a neem and basil leaf can also help in increasing blood platelet count as well as blood circulation. It can be consumed twice or thrice a day depending on the severity.

Why is Dengue Fever Insurance Important?

Dengue is declared to be a neglected tropical disease. The patient requires constant attention by an expert as the temperature may keep changing, in case not tracked or treated immediately; it may turn out really bad or may even lead to death of a person. And that is the reason, the treatment is very costly. It requires high dose medication in order to get the fever in control. It ranges from around Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 60,000 depending on the severity of the infection. This cost may go out of your budget and hence, it is advisable to take a dengue nursing care plan.

What is covered under Bajaj Finserv Hospital Cash Insurance Cover?

Hospital Cash Cover is a policy covered under Bajaj Finserv’s pocket insurance plan. You can avail the hospital cash plan for the dengue treatment. Below mentioned are the coverage offered by the hospital cash plan:

Inpatient plan: It covers all the medical expenses till the person is treated in the hospital. It does not give cover for expenses which are incurred at home after discharging. A proper bill of every expense has to be presented while claiming. Expenses without bill are not to be covered in this policy.

  • The insurance plan is covered up to Rs.1 lakh for just Rs.322 per annum.
  • The premiums are charged as per the age of the injured.
  • Age 18 to 40 : Rs.489 per annum
  • Age 41 to 50 : Rs.548 per annum
  • Age 50 to 60 : Rs.779 per annum
  • Your daily cash expenses are covered in the policy even though you undergo treatment for a single day.

Exclusions from the policy:

  • First 30 days of policy period.
  • Pre-existing disease or disability is not covered.
  • Stay in hospital due to injury but without taking any medical treatment.


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