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The holidays are just around the corner, which means that there will be a lot of parties to attend. Holidays are a perfect opportunity to dress up. If you want to look fabulous during the holidays then continue reading. 

Perfect Color Combinations For Clothing

Pairing colors can definitely make or break your outfit. But, that doesn’t mean that you should just stick to boring colors. Let us take you through a wide range of color-coordinated clothes that will make you stand out against the crowd. 


  • Yellow and Green


Yellow and green looks great on most complexions. For warm tones, you can use mustard, khaki or dark green. For cool tones, bright yellow, and iridescent green can sharpen up your outfit. 

Keeping it simple is the key to rock this color combination. Try partnering up a gray skirt or a pair of jeans with a yellow blazer. You can then add a simple white shirt and green accessories for an easy everyday look. 


  • Pale Blue and Pink


Pale blue and pink can catch anyone’s attention like a bright color when styled in the right way. 

There are many ways to make this color combination work. A soft blue cashmere sweater goes well with a pink jacket. An all-black ensemble can be softened up with some pastel accessories. Don’t forget that this combination also works well with a statement shoe, perhaps a white or nude colored stiletto. 


  • Red and Blue 


This color combination is an all-time favorite. A pair of jeans can be completely transformed when paired with a red jacket and heels. The perfect mix of business on top and party on the bottom. 

Red is a color that easily stands out. Wear a white shirt under your red jacket to compliment the red and the contrast of blue. 


  • Turquoise and Cobalt Blue


These colors might be too bright to combine, but this is a really great combination. They resemble elegance and class. 

Regardless of what occasion, you’ll be sure to look picture perfect with a cobalt blue dress and a flat turquoise shoe. This combination can go well with silver or gold accessories.


  • Orange and Blue


These colors are perfect for a color blocking technique. An orange top is a perfect match for blue pants or the other way around. These colors are already bright so opt for a nude-colored shoe to compliment the outfit. 


  • Tan and Maroon 


Neutral colors can be difficult to style. But it is easy to attain a perfect match when you pair it with a maroon.  A maroon dress paired with neutral colored shoes will definitely make you stand out. 

Colors That Enhance Your Eye Color

Nowadays, makeup, skin tone and hair color echo the intensity of our eye color. Here are suggestions that will help your eye color to stand out more. 


  • Blue Eyes


Your complimentary colors: 

  • Neutrals – classic neutrals complement your eyes like blonde hair makes your eyes stand out. 
  • All pink shades – bold pink tones intensify cool blue shade the most. 
  • Deep blues – these match the color of your eyes thus making them more intensified.
  • Light greens – give a subtle complementary boost to your eyes.


Eye Makeup: 

The opposite of blue on the color wheel is orange. Eyeshadows with an orange undertone will surely bring out the color of your eyes. You can also use gold, bronze or champagne-colored eyeshadow. 


  • Green Eyes


Your complimentary colors:


  • Purple – are known to go well with green eyes. The deeper the purple tone, the more your eyes will stand out. 
  • Deep green – matching your eye color will make it more intensified. You can opt for an emerald or forest green shade. 
  • Coral – this is a perfect color that represents summer. 
  • Pale yellow – this color also highlights the color of your eyes. 

Eye Makeup: 

The opposite color of green on the color wheel is red. Red might not be the best color for a natural look, so you can use a pink eyeshadow instead. Darker hues with red as an undertone will also compliment your eyes. 


  • Hazel Eyes


Your complimentary colors:


  • Dark neutrals – are colors that will lift up the dark tones in your eyes. 
  • Orange and Lavender – these colors go well with hazel which makes the greener shades in them stand out. 
  • Burgundy –  this is also a great choice, it’s a safe color.


Eye Makeup: 

Same as your green-eyed sisters, the opposite color of hazel on the color wheel is red. A red or pinkish shade will also intensify the color of your eyes. You may also opt for an eggplant-colored eyeshadow or reddish undertones shades like mahogany and bronze. 


  • Brown Eyes


Your complimentary colors:


  • Khaki green – this is one of the best colors to choose from. Khaki green brings out the beauty of your brown eyes. 
  • Rich blues – the shades from this color guarantees to make your eyes more intensified. 
  • Soft pinks – these are subtle colors that make your eyes pop. 
  • Gold – you can never go wrong with gold. This elegant color is known to complement your eyes very well. 


Eye Makeup: 

People with brown eyes are gifted with the most versatile color. Almost any color will compliment your eyes well. A deep purple or bronzy shade will definitely bring out the clarity in your eyes. A mossy green shade will make your eye color seem lighter. If you want your eyes to dazzle, opt for an eye makeup that is in cool hues. For additional intensity, add black. Eyeliner on your waterline will add extra definition to your eyes.  

If you are someone who wears contact lenses to correct your vision. Then you should also know that color coordinating your lenses is also an important factor that will make or break your outfit. You can follow the tips given above to give more emphasis to your eye look. 

It is indeed tough to choose the perfect outfit for such an important occasion. But, picking out the best clothes that suit your figure and matching colors that work well together will make it easier for you. Whether you want to look enticing or just plain perfect, choosing colors that will flatter your skin tone is an important factor. Make sure that your outfit is flattering and balanced to fit your style. 


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